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According to the detractors, apart from consistent failures in handling the economy, hiding reality on China standoff, poor health care management during Covid-19, PM Modi successfully assured the nation that his policies are the best policies ever to make India a superpower and even he is the best PM, as the India Today Mood of the Nation poll 2020 reflected.

On overall Performance-

72% of citizens are happy with the performance of the NDA government. People have given thumbs up to the Modi government at a time when India is facing challenges at multiple fronts.  24% of respondents said they(government) were outstanding while 48%  said they were good.

On Economic Front-

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit India,  the central government has been targeted over the economic slowdown caused by the nationwide lockdown by the opposition. However, 71% of the respondents of the survey have rated the Modi government’s handling of the economic distress unleashed by Covid-19 as ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’.

Despite the disappointment of several economists over the stimulus package, 55% of citizens said the stimulus package of 20 lakh crore was appropriate to change their economic plight. Moody’s Investors Service also said this package was seeming to ease asset risk but “not enough” to countervail the negative impact.

On Border Conflict-

Against China supposition had all the earmarks of being running high in the nation, with 59% saying India should do battle with China over the Ladakh issue. When asked how India’s military capacities contrast and China’s, 72% of respondents said they trust India could defeat China in a war.

69% of 12021 people in the survey said India gave a befitting reply to China on Ladakh standoff. 91% of respondents think banning Chinese apps and ending contracts given to Chinese companies was a remarkable decision, while 7% said it was not.

On Criticism of Opposition-

53% respondents said opposition parties, during the pandemic, criticised the central government for the sake of criticism and that criticism was not constructive. Despite the fact that the Prime Minister gave a fake statement on the Ladakh issue that was removed two days ago from the Ministry of Defence, 59% of the respondents are not agreed with Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of the central government over India’s  Ladakh conflict with China. 47% of respondents believe that China was responsible for the clashes at Galwan.

On Revival of Congress-

After the two consecutive tinkering defeats, Rahul Gandhi will lead the Congress party to a new resurgence, survey says. he secured 23% of votes. Critics are questioning how will a candidate revive congress who himself is responsible for its devastating condition and even he would not able to get one-tenth of the total seats in the last election.

On second term-

One year after the revocation of Article 370 and 35a in Jammu and Kashmir, respondents believe that the move is the biggest achievement of the second term of the Modi government followed by the Supreme Court’s verdict on Ram temple in Ayodhya.

On handling Coronavirus Crisis-

Despite right now India is the third country to cross 20 lakh coronavirus cases, the pandemic doesn’t seem to have made grooves in PM Modi’s popularity, as per the survey. 77% of respondents said the prime minister’s handling of the pandemic as ‘good or outstanding’. That blows the mind of critics.

Who will be next?

66% of the respondents of MOTN polls believe that Narendra Modi should be the next prime minister of India and with 8% votes, Rahul Gandhi is the second choice of the Nation.


The results are based on a total of 12,021 interviews conducted – 67 per cent in rural and 33 per cent in urban areas.

The survey was conducted across 97 parliamentary constituencies and 194 assembly constituencies in 19 states, including Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala, among others.

India Today states that the poll has traditionally been conducted using the face-to-face interviewing method. But this time around, due to the pandemic, all interviews were conducted telephonically.

According to critics this survey may not be fixed but may be flawed in some or other way and reflects the Bhakti endeavour. Because the rural population is very less concerned with the issues related to the economy and also has the least information about the impacts of revocation of Article 370.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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