The religious conversion just for the purpose of marriage is not acceptable – Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad High Court has delivered an important verdict on conversion.  The High Court, in its landmark decision, ruled that only conversion to marriage is not legal.  The High Court rejected the application of a married couple of different religions and asked them to appear before the concerned magistrate and make a statement.  The petition called for a ban on interfering in their peaceful marital life.

 The court asked the magistrate to make his statement before the relevant magistrate.  The couple, from Muzaffarnagar district, told the family not to interfere in their peaceful marriage.  But the court refused to intervene in the appeal, dismissing it.

 Judge Mahesh Chandra Tripathi gave the order at the request of Priyanshi (Samrin)  and others.  The court said one petition was Muslim and the other was Hindu.  The young woman was Muslim and converted to Hinduism on June 29, 2020 and got married on July 31, just after one month.  The court said the record was clear that religion had changed for marriage.  

The court ruled in favor of Nur Jahan Begum’s decision, saying it was “unacceptable” to convert only in the purpose of marriage. In the case, the Hindu girl converted to Islam and married a Muslim man.  The question was whether Hindu girls could convert to Islam and marry Muslim youths, and whether this marriage was valid.  Increasing the argument of the hadith of the Qur’an, the court said, “It is not permissible to convert to Islam without knowing anything about Islam.”  This is anti-Islamic.  Following the decision, the court rejected the appeal of the young woman, who married a Muslim to a Hindu.  So it is not permissible to convert to marriage only, the high court says. 

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Written By: Akankshya Mahapatra

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