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The suicide of Disha Salian reports erased causing suspicion of involvement of Aditya Thackeray in SSRs case

The suicide of Disha Salian reports erased causing suspicion of involvement of Aditya Thackeray in SSRs case
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With every day passing, we get to hear horrific news related to Sushant Singh Rajput. Some count to be true while some fake. Recently the netizens revealed a sensational claim accusing Aditya Thackeray involved in the death of the actor and his ex-manager Disha.

Mumbai and Patna have been fighting over solving the mystery behind the demise of the actor. While the Mumbai police forcefully quarantined the Bihar IPS officer Binay Tiwari on Sunday, the netizens have reportedly circulated the hands of Maharashtra government being involved in trying to save someone.

With the claims of Sushant and Disha’s death interconnected , Bihar police tried to seek details of Sushant’s ex- manager Disha’s postmortem as well as investigation reports.

The Malwani Police Station stated that the file has been deleted by accident and it cannot be retrieved. However, the Mumbai Police was ready to share the details initially but a phone call changed everything and the Bihar police were informed of the missing file and was not allowed to access the laptop to help retrieve.

Sushant’s close friend Smita Parikh revealed in an interview with the Republic TV that Sushant knew some facts related to Disha’s death. He could exactly speak of who the person was but said,” They will destroy me.”

A tweet went viral on an assumption that stated,” Suraj Pancholi called Sushant’s ex-manager Disha Salian to their penthouse for partying. Present at the party were Arbaaz Khan, Aditya Thackeray, Rhea’s brother and many celebrities. They raped Disha Salian and then threw her from her own house which was on the 14th floor to make it look like a suicide. Disha had time to call and inform Sushant Singh between her rape and death. Sushant informed Sandeep Singh and Rhea everything. Sandeep informed Suraj and Aditya. “

“Since that day they had been giving him death threats and told him not to open his mouth to the cops or media. Sushant changed his SIM card 50 times between 9th June to 13th June. He was really scared for his life and would even sleep in his car out of fear. 

In the meantime, Rhea went and told everything to Mahesh Bhatt and he advised her to leave Sushant’s house immediately. She left his house on 10th June and blocked his number. Sandeep Singh and Rhea realized Sushant wasn’t going to keep quiet for long and snitched to Aditya Thackeray.

That’s when the murderers planned to shut Sushant Singh for good. Rhea agreed to the plan because her own brother was party to this rape and murder. On the night of 13th June which is also Aditya Thackrey’s birthday, they planned to throw a party at Sushant’s place. 

The CCTV cameras of his building were switched off on the night of the party. But CCTV cameras of the opposite building caught Aditya Thackeray entering Sushant’s party. They strangled him with his own dog’s belt and killed him. 

Many of the cops that arrived on the scene were fake cops sent to manipulate the case and destroy evidence. The ambulance that came to pick him up belonged to Baba Siddique which instead of taking Sushant to a good nearest hospital took him to Cooper hospital which is very much far from Bandra, where Sushant lived. 

Cooper hospital has the team of most corrupt doctors and they gave a clean chit to the murderers by declaring in their medical report, Sushant’s death reason is due to hanging. The only reason a great soul like Sushant Died was because of Arbaaz Khan.

Remember the names of the killers Suraj Pancholi, Aditya Thackeray, Arbaaz Khan, Showik Chakravorthy (Rhea’s bro). We the public demand Uddhav Thackrey’s resignation as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. A CBI probe into Sushant Singh’s murder. We want a fair trial in his murder case without the interference of politicians.” as tweeted further by Minakshi Meenu.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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    • Whether its politically connected Thackeray or high figures in Bollywood like the Bhatts, if they killed SSR they MUST HANG. The future of Indian women rests on justice for SSR.

      • If killers have worked in coalition with the govt., or vice versa, and if they get away with it, then our country is not safe. If rich and popular celebrities can get murdered like this, do you think an ordinary citizen stands a chance against this syndicate?
        If justice needs to prevail, then the perpetrators need to be retributed at all costs.

    • I totally agree this. And the culprits must be hanged. But how does someone falling from 14th floor have time to call and inform someone about their own rape and death.

    • Whilst I do not go off everything said in media. This information is incredibly important and ties all the pieces together and shead important light. I think we can now begin to understand why there is such a huge resistance to an CBI investigation. Sushant murder is connected to Disha and Sandeep and Rhea are vital links so is Mr Bhatt

  1. Fucking who ever was behind SSR and Disha Salian’s murder is a gender belonging to a category other than Male,Female or Others ……This persons should be stripped in public and paraded throughout India and latter left on the streets to beg…Family of such a person should disown completely to maintain their standing in society ….Sorry that such a person exist in society ….

      • no..they do not deserve an easy way out of this world…. they MUST suffer their crimes…..public beating stripped naked, the worst possible jail experience etc and let them live such a miserable life that they wished they were killed. I will disown India as my country if there is no outcome.

  2. The culprits must be punished…
    They deserve punishment as there should be no other victims like Sushant and Disha .
    Ban all Salman khans movies .

    • I think that any political or business man or actor has involved disha murder case . This case should be handle by retire majestic and CIB . Truth will be come automatically .

  3. I don’t think the parents want to expose such a truth. It seems that something horrendous took place there. I think alcohol and drugs were involved before she was thrown off the 14th floor.

  4. Kuch nahin hoga . This is India safe culprits Bach jayenge . This is India. Here money and power wins not justice .

    Rich people separate rules poor people separate rules

    Dirty Dark Side of Bollywood

  5. Mumbai police act of solving the case is suspicious. In hurry they announced it as sucide even it is sucide the cause of sucide should be investigate and intoregate surroundings but rather acting as dumb. Hats off Mumbai police and government, Mumbai ain’t safe anymore.

  6. Truth need to be revealed. I wish… What ever the truth …it should be proven with the proofs…if they are ol culprits ..they need to be hanged.

  7. This is no different than fighting for Nirbhaya’s case. The girl here too was killed and raped and the case should be registered and resolved within 6 months. I would like the govt @center to bring President’s rule in Maharashtra and deploy forces and arrest all bollywood/political bigwigs , police commissioners, DCP, Doctor’s etc who colluded with state and culprits so that the case can be investigated without any political pressure. The existing govt in state needs to stripped down of their power’s. Modi, AmitShah, Smriti Irani , who herself is Women and child development minister and ex-bollywood/television star needs to speak up against Mafia etc.

  8. Little part is misleading as mentioned they went to party at his house. If he were threatening him to kill then how can Sushant be comfortable with partying at his house and why the hell they will will do a party at his house ??

    • India has to rise up higher than these small groups of corrupt people. It is all makimg crystal clear and the missing parts are visible now. India please take courage for you will need it. Allot of celebrity , political and legal influences are being used to shut this case down . Thanks to the good impartial media and news papers in India and the Indian people. Sushant and Disha murder should not go unpunished. The father of Disha has no courage and really is a poor idea of a father. This makes sense and this is exactly why Sushant was murdered in cold bold.

  9. Respected pm modi ji in india grils are not safe because of corrupt police, corrupt doctor (doctor are evil not god ) & political party all are helping each other for their uses plz theart them like a rapist & killer after bjp gov we have seen lot of changes in india so we are expecting more change for government employers who are corrupt lets change indian (in 1947 1$ equal to 1inr. And in 2020 1$ equal to 75inr) this is the fact how india growing its economy so lets change india. thankyou . Jai hind

  10. We want justice like how we got justice in Nirbhaya case (though it was delayed too much).. Modiji we want you to step in as to get/ have justice in this case. CBI please dont get influenced by any party here.
    I as a public would like to demand for fair and transparency in the investigation .. no culprit should escape from this rape and double murders.
    so called Khans brother.. shame on you, you are loosing followers coz of your cruelty.. and your childrens should get to know about it.. god should never forgive you, your family..
    and the so called Mumbai xx’s son and their so called cruel family you are cursed forever.. you will definitely go through the pain what those two families are going through.. bullshit, you talk about dirty politics when yourself into it.. the girl who is dating with you should understand how cruel you are.. hatred forever, cursed you are..

  11. They shud be hanged in public ,but unfortunately many cases like ths has shown the indian mentality of evn bribing the supreme court panel judges n thy wil shut the case saying no ample evidence

    • The high court is under siege by these cartels and gangsters in India. What a moment in India? corrupt film industry, politicians and law enforcers all on one page to cover up TWO MURDERS. Can the high court be bought with money? that’s really serious , really serious.

  12. Disha’s father and family are intimidated and scared. There are some very intimidating names and folks that was involved in this rape and murder. The Mumbai force again took inside call and treated this murder with cover up. The father of Disha has truly failed his daughter and in truth is a very weak and cowardly character. This information helps us to understand why Sushant was murdered, set up by Sandeep, Rhea and Mr Bhatt needs to be questioned as he is complicit if these things are proven to be true. Does CBI have any real backbone ???? all films of of all actors involved should be boycotted forever and they should once proven all should face life sentences without parole.


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