The supremacy of Digital Medium over Print Medium


Years before the information world has only one prevailing method of communication. That was print media. Be it through posters, magazines, or even newspapers Print Medium has managed to keep people updated and informed for a prolonged period of time. Previously newspapers were the only source of information where people not only got their daily news content but also got to know about several tourist places and other destinations from the feature section. Nowadays if we look into the census published by India’s information and Broadcasting agency, we will definitely find that the number of people watching news from news mediums and other applications have seemingly seen a massive increase throughout the years. Let us know understand why there is a shift from the Print Medium to the digital one.

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In several places the shift from the print medium to the digital medium has happened because of the engagement of youth is comparatively a lot more in the digital mediums. If we think we look into, the exact matter that why this is the case we would find several answers to it. Starting from the credibility factor other factors like time consumption, affordability, and attention span, keeps on adding to it.  Credibility is one of the most essential factors that is seen in the digital medium. Video footages and clips can be easily shown which would show the authenticity of any incident. Apart from that several other factors like easy sharing of information have already given digital medium an upper hand than several other mediums.  Another factor which needs to be addressed is the attention span of the youth. The attention span of the youth is comparatively lot a lot lesser than the grown up groups.


Thus the patience to read the entire news is not present in the youth of today.  For this very reason, the sudden shift to the digital medium has become very prevalent. Now if we talk about the affordability of the digital medium, it is a lot less costly than the print medium. Just the internet charges are only required and that too the internet has several alternative uses. On the other hand if one buys a newspaper everyday and also invests on buying journals and magazines the amount would sum up to more than four hundred per month (approximate).

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Other than all these factors another factors which holds a massive importance in the digital news medium is interlinking. Interlinking is the process via which information can be published in several mediums. Through interlinking one can see other relevant sources of the news which can give them a much clearer perspective. For example if one reads about a crime news , through interlinking that person can actually visit relevant links which can give them more idea on this particular incident or relevant incidents . Thus these are the reason the popularization of digital media has increased and people now easily prefer this medium above any other medium.

By Swati Agrawal

Edited by Subhechcha Ganguly

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