This Odisha woman ran a full marathon in the UK wearing a Sambalpuri saree


41-year-old An Odia resident in the UK named Madhusmita Jena Das gained notoriety for participating in the Manchester Marathon by running 42.5 kilometers while donning a saree. Das finished the race in four hours and fifty minutes while dressed in a lovely crimson Sambalpuri saree and orange shoes. Twitter followers from a variety of accounts, including ‘Friends of India Soc Intl UK,’ celebrated her accomplishment.

“Sambalpur you have a distinct inclusive cultural identity that arises from the strong association of the tribal and folk communities which have coexisted for centuries,” the user wrote in the tweet. Attaching images of Das finishing the marathon, the message read: “This is a challenging phase, let’s maintain peace and harmony.”

In the meantime, a tweet from another user included a photo of her race times. These tweets received a response from one user that read, “Wow Such a lovely Pic to view. All those who are willing to dress in foreign clothing, please take a lesson from her on how to represent our culture to the world. Another praised her accomplishment, writing: “A remarkable performance for an Odia runner from the UK, Madhusmita Jena, who finished the Manchester marathon yesterday, April 16, “wearing a Sari.” It’s challenging to run the entire 42.2 kilometer marathon; it’s much more challenging to do so while wearing a sari. Madhu, though, ran the entire distance.

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