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To Review Flood Situation PM Modi Holds Meeting With CMs Of Six States

To Review Flood Situation PM Modi Holds Meeting With Cms Of Six States
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Minister Narendra Modi held a Video Conferencing meeting with Chief Ministers of six states. This meeting was conducted to evaluate the havoc flood situation across these six states.

He held a meeting with Chief Ministers of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra and Kerela and the Home Minister of Karnataka to review their preparation to deal with the South-west monsoon and the current flood situation in their respective states.

The condition of flood this year is very perilous, and all the Chief Ministers applauded the attempts of central Agencies, including NDRF teams for their suitable deployment and rescue efforts.

The PM Modi highlighted on having greater coordination between all State and Central agencies, which will have a perpetual system for forecasting of floods and widespread use of innovative technologies for enhancing forecast and warning systems. 

In the meeting, it was also discussed regarding how to persuade rescue operation under this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. India‚Äôs forecasting agencies like India Meteorological Department and Central Water Commission had given their most significant efforts to ensure the forecasts of floods in the past few years. 

The agencies are not only giving us the specific numbers on rainfall and river level forecast but also stating the particular location of the flood.

He also informed that our pilots are giving their best efforts by using the innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence for extemporizing the location-specific forecasts to which he also suggested the states should provide essential information to these agencies. This data will help to broadcast a timely notification to the local communities.

In case of any intimidating circumstances such as breach of river embankments, lighting or flood, more investments should be there in confining early warning systems. 

This year Assam, Bihar and Kerala have been hit by floods resulting in extensive destructions and deaths. Even in Bihar due to lighting strikes in July, around 147 people were lost their lives.

PM Modi has instructed the officers of Ministries involved and organizations to take action on the recommendations given by the states and ensured that the Centre would proceed to contribute its support.

The meeting was also attended by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, both ministers of State for Home Affairs, and senior officials.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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