Top cop speaks tough on eve-teasers, abuse on women

Top cop speaks tough on eve teasers, abuse on women

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Sudhansu Sarangi(Top cop speaks tough on eve-teasers, abuse on women), the Twin City Commissioner of Police can get tough as an impregnable wall when the situation warrants. The cop known for his upright conduct and unimpeachable integrity today unleashed a crackdown on eve-teasers and sounded a loud warning to inveterate offenders against women.

“Eve-teasers will no longer be tolerated. All those spots where they take to abusing women will be forbidden for them. My officers will act tough against the offenders. But I can’t be witness to all such objectionable incidents. You have to appraise the police of wayward behavior. Please act as our eyes and ears and the officers will not spare the guilty”, Sarangi(Top cop speaks tough on eve-teasers, abuse on women) told a packed audience on the occasion of the 12th Foundation Day celebration of the Commissionerate Police.

In his address, Sarangi stressed women’s empowerment and perception of women’s safety. “There are workplaces especially mentioning the services sector where women are humiliated and subject to abusive language. There are some stringent laws which provide protection to women at workplaces”, he said.

He recalled his days when he was a student of Ravenshaw College. “At that time, the girls mostly used to stay mute when they were bombarded with comments. But the changing times have wrought a change in mindset”.

Addressing the media and a contingent of lady SPOs comprising college students, IT and call center employees who voluntarily joined the police force on a non-salaried basis, Sarangi declared that, the SPOs would have the same power as cops and in some cases, they can even arrest the accused if necessary.

“Though the appointment of SPOs has been made for a period of three months only, it can be extended depending upon the success of the first phase of the project,” said the Police Commissioner.

In the presser, Sarangi(Top cop speaks tough on eve-teasers, abuse on women) also raked up the issue of workplace harassment of women. Speaking on the topic, he said, “We would like to see more and more women, who have been sexually harassed by their seniors or colleagues in their workplaces come out and report their ordeal.”

“Be it a working woman or a housewife, society should recognize the rights of women, who are 50% of our population,” he said.

“Being the eyes of the police, the SPOs (Special Police Officers) should report the eve-teasing incidents on the streets. Police have the power to extern the eve-teasers and issue a notice to appear before the court,” added Sarangi. His emphasis was on gender-sensitive policing.

Director-General of Police (DGP) Abhay extolled Sarangi and the team of Commissionerate Police for the unique initiatives embarked on by them.

Former DGP Sanjiv Marik agreed that the Commissionerate Police ever since inception has played a stellar role in addressing the grievances of the common man.

“Today, if you call the control room, the police reach your spot within 10 minutes. This abundantly demonstrates how responsive our police is and how efficacious the Commissionerate Police has proved to be”.

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