“TThe Resilient Congress Stalwart” Mohammad Moquim, MLA Barabati-Cuttack

by Subhechcha Ganguly



Q1.You are one of the few decent politicians in today’s political sphere. How did you learn the rare etiquette of being a politician?


Decency is all I have as a family value in my life. Being a public figure requires one to interact often with the public, knowing their needs and working diligently for them, something that requires patience. Decency and patience are the most essential traits one should adopt, not just as a politician but in all walks of life.


Q2. You have always tried to deliver the promises you have promised before elected as the MLA of Barabati-Cuttack. How satisfying has been your tenure?



I am always trying to serve more and more so the bar of my satisfaction raises higher every time. Moreover being from the opposition has somehow made it a little difficult for me to serve for the purpose, but still, I try and take every step possible ahead to fulfil the promises I made before the election to my constituency.Government is also worried about the people and wants to work for their mandate this is the mutual point we both go down to and hence I can work more for the people of Cuttack.We have some commitments for the people of Cuttack and the delay in those work because of the global pandemic covid 19 what all we suffered is now I want to set a comeback, but all things are on track. A few projects that would be completed in the immediate future are the expansion of the city hospital, which is going on as a multi-speciality hospital, Sishu Bhawan hospital as well. Zaika project, Bidanashi drain project, and the waterlogging problem were also of major concern that are taken care of and hopefully, by the coming year, it will be resolved.


Q3.Your party Congress is at a low ebb in terms of its power. How did you manage to get elected from Barabati-Cuttack where the incumbent BJD party in power had fought it with all guns blazing?


It was indeed a difficult election. Despite losing once, I learned my lessons. As a result, I worked hard, met more and more people, grew closer to them, discussed problems with them, and conducted surveys with hard work and dedication for people around me, and it is their trust in me that made me do more. All of these factors have brought me to where I am today, as the MLA of Barabati-Cuttack.


Q4.Many believe that you could be the next PCC president as being a sitting MLA with impeccable track records of doing politics at length, Are you up to this coveted job?



I have discussed all the plans with Rahul Ji about how to develop the Congress in Odisha. There is a system and it is based on a code of conduct. Several people have recommended my name, but the ball is still in the high command’s court.


Q5.You have also set up a Business empire as Metro Group which has employed thousands of personnel. What gives you more pleasure, being in politics or business?

It gives me immense satisfaction to work in politics because it allows me to serve the people. The pleasure of serving society is what I would love to do to the end of my life.
I’m a businessman who has a great supportive daughter, she took the responsibility and handles the business amazingly which inturn gives me more time to get myself indulge in politics and serve people and assist them in all the way I can. She is my power, the support system which helps me run what I love that is the service for people.The pleasure and satisfaction I get from working for my people is immeasurable

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