Uddhav Thackeray Held Talks With PM Modi To Patch Up With BJP? Shiv Sena MP Disputes Claim

by Priya Bharti

After Eknath Shinde camp leader Rahul Shewale claimed that Uddhav Thackeray wanted to ally with BJP, the Shiv Sena president’s faction denied this.

After Eknath Shinde camp leader Rahul Shewale asserted that Uddhav Thackeray wanted to ally with BJP in 2021, the Shiv Sena president’s faction refuted this claim. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi asserted that a party is free to exit an alliance and join another formation. However, she categorically asserted that Thackeray didn’t talk about returning to the NDA fold during his recent meeting with MPs.

Banking on the Supreme Court ruling in favour of the Uddhav Thackeray-led faction, Priyanka Chaturvedi opined, “The country looks at nation’s judiciary to uphold the democratic and constitutional safeguards. It is Maharashtra today, it could be another state tomorrow. It is BJP today, could be another ruling party tomorrow.”

Rahul Shewale’s big claim

In a stunning revelation on Tuesday, Rahul Shewale- the new Leader of Shiv Sena in Lok Sabha, claimed that Thackeray held talks with PM Modi in June 2021 to revive the alliance with BJP. He was addressing a press conference at the Maharashtra Sadan in the national capital along with 11 other MPs who extended support to CM Eknath Shinde. According to him, the talks failed due to the suspension of 12 BJP MLAs during the Monsoon session of the state Legislature in July 2021. With 12 out of 19 Lok Sabha MPs backing Shinde, the Shiv Sena president has lost control of his party in the Lower House.

Rahul Shewale remarked, “When the MLAs took this position (of rebellion), all MPs were called for a meeting at Varsha on June 21. On that day, all of us said that we will remain with the party. We stressed that we fought the 2019 election as part of NDA and we are facing difficulties in the last 2-2.5 years. At that juncture, Uddhav Ji accepted our stance. He told us that he will accept this stance if Eknath Shinde becomes the CM. Sanjay Raut, Vinayak Raut, Arvind Sawant, and Anil Desai were present at this meeting.”

He added, “In the second meeting, we told him that if all MPs have to fight the 2024 election, it is important to ally with BJP. We have been elected as a part of this alliance. This is the demand of voters as well. Then, Uddhav Saheb insisted that we should fight elections as part of MVA. But we opposed this. We gave information about the difficulties in each constituency to Arvind Sawant who passed it on to Uddhav Saheb. We told him that if we support their President and Vice President candidate, it will be a big step toward rejoining NDA.”

“At that juncture, Uddhav Ji told us that even I want to ally with BJP. I tried a lot to ally with BJP. He recalled that when he met PM Modi, he mentioned this to him. He held a one-hour-long meeting with Modi Saheb regarding the alliance. That meeting happened in June. In July, there was an Assembly session in which 12 BJP MLAs were suspended. This led to resentment in BJP. Uddhav Saheb held alliance talks with them a lot of times, but BJP didn’t receive a positive response from Shiv Sena. He told us that I have tried to ally with BJP and now, you make efforts to ally with BJP at your end,” the Shiv Sena Lok Sabha leader claimed.

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