UK health body issues a warning after tick virus discovery


According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), a tick virus that can cause serious meningitis-like symptoms has been found in numerous parts of England. To stop the spread of the tick virus, the agency suggested changing the testing procedures in hospitals. The BBC stated that increased surveillance for the virus is now being conducted in England and Scotland as a result of the health agency’s alarm. According to the BBC, in some regions of Yorkshire, where one case has been confirmed, health officials are also checking blood samples from people who do not exhibit any symptoms for the virus.According to the UKHSA, three instances of tick-borne encephalitis acquired in England have been discovered since 2019. The first case was identified in England last year.

Because tick season has officially begun, the information on the virus has been made public, a health department representative told Reuters.According to Meera Chand, deputy director at the UKHSA, “our surveillance suggests that tick borne encephalitis virus is very uncommon in the UK.” She continued, “Ticks also carry a number of other infections, including Lyme disease, so take precautions to reduce your chances of being bitten when outdoors in areas where ticks thrive.”

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