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Unlock 4.0 Guidelines: What Will Reopen Across The Country and What Will Remain Closed

Unlock 4.0 Guidelines: What Will Reopen Across The Country and What Will Remain Closed

On Saturday Ministry Of Home Affairs issued the guidelines for the Nationwide unlock 4.0, which will come into effect from September 1. New unlock 4.0 guideline allows opening up of more activities outside the containment zones.

However, the schools and colleges will remain closed, and the good news is that metro trains will resume services in a graded manner from September 7.

Here is the answer to your all questions about the new guidelines of unlocking 4.0 that you need to know;

Has the lockdown been extended?

Yes, the lockdown will extend for September 30 only for the contentment zone.

Are the colour codes dividing zones back?

No, there is no more colour code. The country will broadly be divided into containment and non-containment zones.

What major changed in the new unlock 4.0 guidelines?

Resume of metro services in a graded manner starting from September 7. On September 21 onwards, open-air theatres can be resumed.

Will gyms finally open?

Gyms and yoga institutes were opened after last month’s guidelines. For gyms, a proper standard operating procedure will be issued by the Ministry of health and family welfare (MOHFW).

When will school and colleges be open?

As per unlock 4.0 guidelines, the schools and colleges will remain closed. However, states may permit up to 50% of the teaching and non-teaching staff to be called for online teaching and other related work. For guidance from the teacher, students of the classes 9 to 12 may be permitted to visit the school outside of the containment zone only.

Will the public continue to go to their work?

Yes, only outside of the containment zones the private offices will continue operating.

Will non-essential shops remain open?

Yes, the guidelines for retail stores remain the same.

Can the public continue visiting the temple or religious place?

Yes, they can visit.

Can the public go out for a walk or cycle?

Yes, only for outside the containment zone.

Will the park remain closed?

No, as per the center, advise children below ten years, and the person above 65 should stay home.

Can house-help and driver continue to come for work?

Yes, that is for the RWA to decide.

Any new changes in alcohol sales?

No, there are no such changes.

Traveling to another state is allowed?

Yes, only air and train services will continue to operate.

Can the public visit the salon?

Yes, the salon will remain open with proper social distancing rule.

Will cinema halls are allowed to open?

From September 21, social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, political functions are permitted with a ceiling of 100 persons. The gathering will be limited with proper social distancing rule and wearing masks, hand sanitiser, and provision of thermal scanning.

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