Unveiling The Transformation of Dentistry in Odisha and Beyond With Dr. Sunil Kar


In the realm of dentistry, Dr. Sunil Kar stands as a shining example of dedication, innovation, and compassion. A revolutionary dentist and a COVID warrior, he has elevated the standards of dental care in Odisha, India, through his remarkable contributions and achievements. With a profound commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in the field, Dr. Kar has not only transformed his clinic, 3S Sai Shradha Smile Dental Care, into a beacon of comprehensive dental care but has also extended his services to underserved communities. From ground-zero areas in rural villages to old age homes and orphanages, Dr. Sunil Kar’s journey is one of excellence and social impact, as he strives to bring life-changing smiles to countless faces. Read on. 


Interviewer: Dr. Sunil Kar, your journey and achievements in the field of dentistry are truly impressive. Could you share with us how you initially entered the world of dentistry and what motivated you to pursue a career in this field?

Dr. Sunil Kar: Thank you for having me. My journey into dentistry was influenced by my family’s medical background, and I was drawn to the idea of making a positive impact on people’s lives. Growing up in the vibrant steel city of Rourkela and later in Bargarh, Odisha, I developed a deep-seated aspiration to follow in my father’s footsteps and contribute to the medical domain. Dentistry, with its emphasis on transforming smiles and improving oral health, resonated with me. This motivation laid the foundation for my journey.


Q: You’ve achieved numerous accolades and distinctions throughout your career. Could you highlight a few key moments that stand out to you as pivotal accomplishments?

A: Certainly. Some of the key moments that I consider pivotal in my career include receiving the Best Paper award at Implacon Indore in 2018, being honoured with the Asia Pacific Excellence Award for Research in Implants, and receiving the Healthcare Leadership Award in 2021. The recognition from News India as a Young Achiever in 2020 and the award from Kanak News for healthcare in 2022 were also significant milestones. Moreover, being recognized by the International Human Rights Commission and receiving awards from various organizations, including Marwari Mahila Samiti, have been truly humbling experiences.


Q: Your dedication to serving the community is truly remarkable. Could you elaborate on your efforts to provide free eye care treatment in rural areas and your involvement in NGOs?

A: Absolutely. Service to the community has always been a core aspect of my mission. Through the Sunayan Eye Care Foundation, I, along with my family of ophthalmologists, provide free eye care treatment to the needy in remote villages of western Odisha. Additionally, I’m associated with NGOs like “Women in Society Help,” “Friends of Tribal Society,” and “Youth for Sustainability.” These associations enable us to support education, healthcare, and livelihoods for those in need.


Q: Your commitment to research and education is noteworthy. Could you shed light on your involvement in dental research and your efforts to train and empower dental professionals?

A: Research is an essential pillar of progress in dentistry. I’m currently involved in research to develop a new type of titanium implant. I’ve also authored a book on dental implant biomechanics and presented various papers internationally. Empowering dental professionals is crucial to me. I’ve trained more than 50 dental surgeons and believe in creating opportunities for skilled graduates by offering them training and employment.


Q: Your vision for the future of dentistry in Odisha is ambitious and inspiring. Could you share your thoughts on the legacy you hope to leave through your work?

A: My vision is to elevate dental treatment in Odisha to international standards while ensuring affordability and accessibility. I aspire to see a future where advanced technologies, research-driven innovations, and compassionate care come together. I want to leave a legacy of positive change, where oral health improves lives, opportunities are created, and knowledge is shared. To me, success is measured by the impact we have on individuals and communities.


Q: Dr. Kar, your journey is a testament to dedication, innovation, and service. As we conclude, could you offer advice to aspiring dental professionals and those looking to make a difference in their communities?

A: Certainly. To aspiring dental professionals, I’d say that dentistry is not just a profession but a calling to transform lives. Continuously upgrade your knowledge and skills, embrace challenges, and never stop learning. Remember, success in dentistry is about combining expertise with empathy. For those seeking to make a difference, start with a genuine passion to help others. Collaborate with like-minded individuals, leverage resources, and focus on sustainable impact. The journey may not always be easy, but the impact you create is truly rewarding.


Dr. Sunil Kar’s journey as a dentist, educator, and humanitarian reflects an unwavering dedication to excellence. His commitment to providing accessible and top-tier dental care has left an indelible mark on both the field of dentistry and the lives of those he serves. Through challenges and triumphs, Dr. Kar’s vision of revolutionizing the dental sector in Odisha with international standards of care at affordable prices embodies the true spirit of healthcare. As he continues to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities, Dr. Sunil Kar’s story remains an inspiration, reminding us all of the transformative power of compassion, education, and innovation in the world of dentistry.


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