US last embassy to close soon in Russia


Preparations for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration amid bitterness with Moscow have begun in the United States. In it, the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump has decided to close the remaining two trade embassies (consulates) in Russia. According to reports, the only US embassy is in Moscow now.

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According to reports, the Russian consulate in Vladyvostok has been closed and the Ektarinburg consulate has been closed since December 10. Russia’s 2017 crackdown has affected the U.S. mission in the country. The U.S. mission in Russia is facing a crisis due to diplomatic visas imposed by the Russian government on embassy staff. So the U.S. is closing consulates in Russia one by one.

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According to a U.S. decision, 10 diplomats have already arrived in Moscow and various cities of Russia. The closure of the office has led to the loss of 33 local employees. So the Trump administration has no such program about the Russian embassy in the United States.

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