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Vision of Making “Atmanirbhar Bharat” : In Conversation With Mr. Pasricha, Founder of The Franchise Group

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In this age of globalisation, to start a new business what’s most essential is a platform or channel to reach out to large masses and an experienced mentorship.

The Franchise Group has worked relentlessly to change the face of franchising in India. The Franchise Group brings a great platter of opportunities to the brands and the potential investors. TFG has become one of the most trusted channels for all sectors ranging from Food & Beverage to Automobile ,Fashion to Healthcare, and many more.

we interviewed Mr. Maninder Singh Pasricha, Founder of The Franchise Group to get more insight about what TFG aspires to be. He has embarked on his professional journey with utmost passion & performance improvement whilst delivering growth. Possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience.

Vision of Making "Atmanirbhar Bharat" : In Conversation With Mr. Pasricha, Founder of The Franchise Group 1

Tothrowmorelightinto how TFG functions and how it managed in the COVID19 pandemics, we would talk in-depth about this growing industry.

1. Could You tell us in details about The Franchise Group and the people working in the company?

TFG has created a market place which allows clients to get an unmatched reach across multiple platforms ,learn the vitals of entrepreneurship ,find new business opportunities, network, be inspired by their peers, and create a mutually beneficial relationship. TFG has a team of personnel with a very rich experience of more than 15 years. The people of TFG has assisted thousands of businesses and investors in achieving multi-dimensional growth and cater to both domestic and international brands.

2. What is CFC(Certified Franchise Consultant) ? How did the company come up withthe idea and how’s the response?

The franchise group has acted as a catalyst in enabling people to be their own boss and here it comes up with CFC (Certified Franchise Consultant) program. The vision of making people ‘Aatmanirbhar’ has enabled TFG to provide a freelancing platform for the individuals where they can become Certified Franchise Consultant and earn good revenue from the successful closures/signups. Being a CFC will not only give a sense of independence but also help to start their entrepreneurship journey. A CFC can choose their operating hour, have multiple sources of income, and be your boss! Also, being a CFC will help you grow personally as well as professionally. Franchise consultants help change lives by matching aspiring business owners with franchise investments. We already have a large number of CFCs associated with us, who are doing very well and many more are looking forward to joining us.

3. What was the condition during the pandemic and how did the company manage the situation?

In a bleak phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have been badly hit due to salaries and overheads costs to pay. Entrepreneurs have feared shutting down their business but we never have in our mind to wait and watch or wind up. This pandemic was not a good time for our business but yes,  we again took this pandemic as an opportunity where we diverted our channels to do brand development and sell franchisees of essential services and products as per the need of the hour.

4. According to you how should a person plan on investing in a franchise? What are the key factors one should keep in mind?

We understand very well that it has been a very tough time that we all are going through. But now the time comes where prospects can invest and buy a franchise because the rentals and the operational costs are low as compared to earlier ones. While Business is what made by scratch and Franchise is well established profitable businesses that can be purchased. Hence, one can see a great scope in buying a franchise and running it successfully with fewer costs and more profits. If you are the person who wants to achieve a high ROI at an early stage of business, Franchising is the best business opportunity for you. The important key factors an investor has to keep in mind are return on investment, net profits and local marketing to be done in his vicinity to generate more revenue for himself.

5. Is corona era a good time for entrepreneurs to invest in franchises?

Yes, it is a little difficult but a good time to invest as many potential resources are available at affordable rates. The gradual removal of the lockdown is again providing an opportunity to regrow and outshine in your business. If you are in a good financial position or would like to borrow and start a business, you get a good bargaining power with the brands to start a franchise.

We are glad that The Franchise Group has come up with such a great idea for the start-ups, especially in times like these. We wish good luck for the future.

Interviewed and Written by – Shilpa Dey

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