Visitor Surge in Saptasajya amid Picnic Season


Saptasajya, one of the most popular picnic destination of the state have started experiencing a surge in visitors as the picnic season has already started this year. Saptasajya, situated just 12 kilometres away from Dhenkanal town is surrounded by lush green forest and hill which attracts visitors for is it’s enchanting natural beauty. Every year during the picnic season visitors throng the place from different parts of the state to have picnic and feast here. School, college students, people from different parts of the state are seen having feast here. Also, a small spring flows here.

Kalia Sahoo, a local said, ” Every year from October to February Saptasajya witness a large flow of visitors who come here to have feast, especially on weekends the crowd is quite more. ” 

Sonali Sahoo, ” A visitor said, we have heard about this picnic spot many times and finally thought of having a feast with family members here, I am really enjoying the nature here and would definitely pay another visit here. “

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