Revolutionizing the Seafood Industries-Falcon Marine Exports Limited


In the heart of Bhubaneswar resides a tale of triumph that transcends the seas—Falcon Marine Export Limited, a marine export behemoth, owes its monumental success to the vision and perseverance of its founder, Tara Ranjan Patnaik.

Tara’s journey from a modest beginning to steering a Rs 2,500 crore empire began with a stumble. Born into a family of legal practitioners, his aspirations initially mirrored his family’s legacy. However, destiny had a different script in store.

Determined to follow the legal path, he found himself inadvertently pulled into the world of business. An encounter with a friend led him to invest in fishing trawlers, a venture that met with initial failure, plunging him into financial turmoil. Undeterred, he navigated these turbulent waters, learning from the setbacks and leveraging his newfound network to supply prawns to major exporters.

In 1985, Falcon Marine Export LTD was born. With resilience as his compass, Tara led the company through a trajectory of growth. From humble beginnings hiring external packaging services, he swiftly transitioned to establishing in-house processing units, an ambitious move that solidified Falcon’s foothold in the market.

Challenges surfaced, notably in 1999, when a catastrophic cyclone dealt a blow to their operations. Undaunted, Tara pivoted, pioneering a strategy that involved empowering local farmers to cultivate prawns, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that bolstered both the company and the community.

The company’s expansion horizons broadened further in 2006 with the foray into the steel business by Falcon Real Estate LTD’s establishment in 2008 and also Falcon Agrifriz with a whopping opening amount of 1050 Crores, and simulataneously have also opened Falcon Chemicals in Gujarat. Apart from that Falcon is also planning to diversify into trading business with the name of Falcon Trading from Dubai.

Tara’s son, Parthajeet Patnaik, joined the business, infusing fresh perspectives and aspirations. Their collective vision extends beyond the present milestones, aiming to elevate Falcon Marine Export LTD as the foremost seafood exporter in Asia, diversifying their offerings while maintaining a steadfast focus on quality and sustainability.

At the core of their success lies a simple yet potent mantra—hard work, honesty, and dedication. Tara’s unwavering commitment to these principles has propelled Falcon Marine Export LTD to unparalleled heights, earning accolades such as the MPEDA award for the highest value exporter for 15 consecutive years.

Today, Falcon stands tall as a testament to resilience and determination, employing over 5,000 individuals and shaping the landscape of marine exports in Odisha and beyond. As they set their sights on a Rs 4,000 crore turnover, their journey continues to inspire, encapsulating the spirit of turning adversities into opportunities on the ever-expanding canvas of success.

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