Web Satsang organized at Narsinghpur, Odisha


Web Satsang organized at Narsinghpur, Odisha. Under the presidency of Sri Bijaya Kumar Parida, an efficient organizer. It took 765 days today. In the dawn Sri Pravat Kumar Bastia, and Sabita Subhadarshinir helped in arrangements. Satsang Artists Sri Amarendra Sahoo, Snigdha Dash, Sushant Kumar Sahoo, Samar Jeet Satapathy, and Samir Kumar Basantia offered necessary bhajan devotional songs before Sri Sri Thakur. It was very enjoyable and most appreciated by thousands of devotees.

Sri K.N Biswal spoke from Westborough, Massachusetts and informed the gathering about the activities in the U.S.A. about Satsang and the grace of Sri Sri Thakur.
He indicated about the Satsang activities at Odisha, Mumbai, Delhi and to obey the instruction of Sri Sri Acharyadev. He also spoke about the Upa Jojona Kendras. Prayed all to be safe during coronavirus and serve in a positive manner to the society. As per the teachings of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra and practice by each individual.
Sri Santosh Kumar Sarangi spoke briefly about Sri Sri Thakur and prayed for the welfare of all.

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