“When Success is the only choice ” by Rohit Shetty represented in the National Changemakers Forum Exhibition


Rohit Shetty’s book ” When Success is the only choice ” was represented in the National Changemakers Forum exhibition on 28 September 2023, at Durgapur West Bengal.


The book is an essential nowadays as it talks about several components of success life, self belief , practise ,focus etc.

Several readers loved the philosophy of the book as everyone craves for success but no one knows the meaning and the ways to achieve it. One of the buyers who bought the book shared that her favourite chapter was “FOCUS.”It talked about how focus is important in one’s life . Real life experiences from Mahabharata are originated in the Chapter Principle Factor 8 – Focus.

Another reader who bought this book shared the review that this book is the stepping stone of success and is much required for anyone who wants success in this field.

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