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Who stands in line after MSD?

Who stands in line after MSD?
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Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MSD) is a skilful cricket player whose performance has reached peaks of success. Be it a wicket-keeper or a captain, he has performed the role efficiently. Any team would be blessed to even half the abilities as he posses.

Dhoni had resigned from his captain post years back but continued to serve and guide his team in different grounds. The experience that Dhoni brings gets to the Indian Cricket team is invaluable.

Dhoni being in the twilight of his career calls to quit after the ICC World Cup 2019 in England. Surely, there cannot be another MSD but one can walk on his path and reach the goal.

The players who can possibly be the next Dhoni are

3. Ishan Kishan:

Who stands in line after MSD? 1

As similar to Dhoni, Ishan Kishan is from the state of Bihar and is now the captain of Jharkhand team in Ranji Trophy. He was one leading the under-19 World Cup 2016 and now a top-order attacking batsman. In the IPL auction, Ishan was bought by Mumbai Indian at about RS 6.2 Crore.

He provided several blistering starts at the top of the order with Surya Kumar Yadav. He is known to have a kind of attacking stroke-making and a fearless approach to batting.

2. Sanju Samson

Who stands in line after MSD? 2

Sanju shined in the limelight when he first represented the Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2013, where his potentials were recognized. The complement came from Shane Warne, that he could be the next big thing in the Indian Cricket team. Samson has represented India in a solitary T20I. this right handed immense batting talent will be on display every time he takes over the field.

  1. Rishab Pant
Who stands in line after MSD? 3

Rishabh has already set his impact as a debut for India in the Test Cricket. He won hearts when he scored a century in India’s fifth test against England in England where no other cricketer could reach not even Dhoni.

His fearless approach and his potential combined makes him a very dangerous subject to his opponents. The only thing he needs to focus is on the Glove work as he gave away 70 runs as byes in the wicket-keeping in England.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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