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“Will Face All Political Storms, Will Fight Covid Too”: CM Uddhav Thackeray

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Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray while addressing the public through video message replied on both political and public health front. He assured people that he would balance it all. “Whatever political storms come, I will face… I will fight coronavirus too,” he said today.

“Over the last few days, we have done a lot of work (on coronavirus)… we will fight the political crisis too, ” CM said.

“Whatever storms have reached the state, be it natural or political, the government has been fighting them,” added the Chief Minister, whose government has been under BJP attack over the handling of actor Sushant Rajput’s death.

Over the last weeks, it has also found itself embroiled in a battle with actor Kangana Ranaut, which starts over the same issue, escalated fast.

Shiv Sena had lashed out when Kangana Ranaut said she felt unsafe in Mumbai and then compared the country’s financial capital to Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

He also launched the ‘My family, my responsibility’ initiative to fight COVID19 in the state. He asked people to be more responsible and support the state government to keep themselves and their friends and family safe from the infection.

Encouraging people to follow the necessary precautions, Thackeray said, “I remember my mother asking me to wash my hands and feet and freshen up after returning home from outside. We all have been following these rules since childhood. Now during the pandemic, we have to follow these same rules and precautions, but a bit more seriously.”

He also said that his government was firm on giving justice to the Marathas, and the option of issuing an ordinance to restore quota for students from the community has been discussed.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday stayed implementation of the 2018 Maratha quota law of the state and referred the petitions challenging the law to a larger constitution bench.

“We will do whatever it takes to give justice to the Maratha community by taking all into confidence. Opposition leaders will also be invited for talks,” he said.

At last, he thanked people for their patience and cooperation. Stating that the authorities have left no stone unturned to tackle the virus, he said, “When the first few coronavirus cases were identified in Maharastra, we had around 7,500 beds. But till date, we have added almost 3.5 lakh new beds, including those with ventilators. I agree we are facing a shortage of oxygen, but we are working towards that as well, and soon the problem will be solved. Medicines are also available in abundance.

Written By – Shilpa Dey

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