Wining hearts of fans and setting benchmark for others in India and abroad : Lyricist Lalit Narayan Rath


Creativity and Artistic skills are the characteristics of a person which are always respected and inspired in the society, The above describes Mr. Lalit Narayan Rath, a personality full of artistic skills are creativity. He is a respected Port officer in profession and a lyricist by passion. He also holds the position of Lifetime Mentor and Advisor of (Odiya Jatra Lover), Lifetime Mentor &Advisor of Samvedana ( Empowering Empathy), Lifetime Member & Executive Secretary of Purbasha Trust, Honorary Writer of Shubhakarma Newspaper & Susambad Digital Media (Press), Honorary General Secretary & Cultural Secretary of Human Rights ( Niti Ayog ID No- CHRC-2021/0272409/2019-20), Advocate & Eminent Lyricist and Cultural Secretary of Utkal Federation of United Nations, Association, Odisha (Affiliated to IFUNA, New Delhi & WFNA, GENEVA, New York) & Honorary Writer, Governing Body Member & Director of Indo TV Odiya Foundation (Press & Charitable Trust), Honorary Writer of Bisesh Khabar (Weekly Newspaper, Press), Odisha Bureau Chief (Honorary writer of Matibhasa Newspaper, Press), Honorary Director of Life Style Foundation (Foreign Affairs & Coordination) & Director of Muzart Media Pvt Ltd. He holds the following educational qualifications- BA, LLB, PGDM in HR from All India Management Association (AIMA), Diploma in Secretarial, Diploma in Export & Import, Diploma in Port & Shipping Management, Diploma in Logistic & Supply Chain Management, Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA). He has also bagged several awards, some of them are Guru Gopi Krushna Award (2021) – Lyrics, Seva Ratna Award (2021) – Social work, Biswa Odisha Sanskruti Sanman (2021) – Lyrics, Eminent Lyricist Award by IFUNA (2021), Eminent Lyricist Award by Human Rights (2021), Eminent Lyricist & Social Works Award by Police, Public, Press (2022), Utkal Seva Sanman Award (2023)- Social Works, Banichitra Sanman Award (2023) – Lyrics, 2nd Odisha Music Award ( 2022)- Lyrics, Award from Honourable Governor of Odisha for my Books and Lyrics – 2022 & 2023, Matibhasa Saraswata Award (2022) – Lyrics, Aradhana Sanman (2020) – Lyrics, Jaswanta Kala and Sanman from Odisha Sahitya Academy (Govt of Odisha 2021) -Lyrics, Kapila Muni Sanman (2022) – Lyrics, SAMVEDANA Excellence Award (2022) – Social work & Lyrics, Sanskruti & Sanskruti Sanman (2023) – Lyrics. He has also got many opportunities to write lyrics for many Odia Movies and also many of his written lyrics are going to release shortly. Today Mr. Rath is a celebrated lyricist who has written many popular songs for Odia Industry and wining hearts of thousands of his audience not only in India but in abroad too. Born and brought up in a cultural family, his lyrics are garnering huge appreciations from not only his fans but from song experts too. Interview Times got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Lalit Narayan Rath, below are the answers he responded to Interview Times Questionnaire:-

Q1-What is your source of motivation?

Answer: My source of motivation is first my Father Late Laxmi Narayan Rath and Mother Smt. Usharani Rath and also the nature and God. I always get motivated from them and they act as source of motivation to me.

Q2- What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Answer: In leisure time I like very much to write songs as my passion is to write  songs and also I dedicate my leisure time and attention for the development of Odisha’s art and culture. I also like to listen odia songs, especially the songs of late Akshay Mohanty and to watch various Bollywood and Hollywood movies during that time. I also love to travel a lot and travelled a lot of foreign countries during the vacation.

Q3- How do you source ideas for writing songs?

Answer: It is an in born quality and in every creativity work the god’s blessings are there, without god’s blessings even I can not write a single word.

Q4- What is your “Success Mantra”?

Answer: My Success Mantra is unconditional love and affection from the people of Odisha and abroad who loves my various lyrics, my hard work, dedication and integrity. Also a clear and pure heart works as my success mantra.

Q5- Can you please share the most beautiful memory during writing of your first song?

Answer: The most beautiful memory  of my first song is that I have written it in my school period and it has been published in  the school’s annual magazine. This is really a beautiful memory for me.

Q6- How do you manage your time?

Answer: I manage time by looking into priority of works. I give priority to the important works and thus able to manage my time efficiently.

Q7- What would be your message to people who are working are also wants to follow their passion in free time?

Answer: My message to them is to do a lot of good works for poor and needy people and always plant trees to save the nature. I also believe that acquiring knowledge never ends, there is no certain age or time constraint to acquire knowledge, we should study whenever we get time, and we should continue it till our life ends.

Q8- What are your future goals?

Answer: My future goal is to remain in the hearts of my audience for ever and ever  through my lyrics even after my demise and to do a lot of good work for poor and needy people and save the nature.

Image Courtesy: Mr. Lalit Narayan Rath

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