With S1 scooters, Ola is planning to resume its bike service in Bengaluru


Uber-like application According to Ola, bike service has been resumed in Bengaluru. According to chief executive Bhavish Aggarwal, the company will now use its S1 scooters for bike rides. He also mentioned that 5 km of an Ola bike trip would cost $25, and 10 km would cost $50. Over the coming months, the business will expand it throughout India. “Today, Ola Bike is being restarted in Bengaluru. This time, our own S1 scooters are all electric. Cheapest, most cosy, and excellent for the environment! Will scale throughout India in the upcoming months,” he tweeted.

According to businessline, Ola Electric intends to increase its annual production of electric vehicles from one million to two million units during the next six to nine months. The business’s founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, expressed optimism about the company’s financial development and predicted that the newly announced items and those that would follow will increase sales and profit.”For us, the financial year 2022 essentially consisted of an investment phase. We didn’t start selling products until January of the prior year, therefore revenue was only realised then. During a media roundtable, Aggarwal stated, “FY23 has been a strong revenue year for us, and in fact, our bottom line has improved significantly. It has not yet submitted its FY23 financial reports.

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