Women – The ability of women to rise as a phoenix


The story of the phoenix is one of the greatest myths and legends. As a woman I can completely relate to the journey of the phoenix and gather a lot of strength and hope from this story. At any point in our life we can regenerate, re-new and resurrect ourselves. It is our pain which drives us to the point of regeneration. This pain is renewed to the power. This pain helps us to rediscover ourselves and question our role in this universe.
If we read the story carefully, we will find a hidden message in every line, it will give us many breakthroughs and hope, to find the field of possibilities to move ahead in life despite the crests and troughs of life.

The story of the phoenix


There was a beautiful bird,
Called phoenix, the firebird!
It lived in a desert far away,
Since the world began and is alive till today!


It did not lay eggs,
Hence had no young ones!
Stunningly beautiful with plumage and feathers,
Bright red and golden that glistened and shimmered!


The magnificent bird shone,
And dazzled like the sun!
It caught the sun’s attention,
The mighty sun had to mention!


“Oh phoenix! How magnificently beautiful are you?
You shall be my bird and live forever, these are my blessings for you.”
The phoenix soared high,
Joyfully singing glories of the sun in the sky!


It promised, “From today,
I shall sing only for you, every day.”
The bird’s beauty was divine,
The word spread far and wide like sunshine!


Everyone wanted to chase it,
They wanted to capture it and encage it!
The phoenix was scared of losing its freedom,
It flew away to the east, the land of the rising sun!

It reached a desert,
That had no inhabitants!
It lived happily in the desert flying high,
Singing glories of the sun in the sky!


Years flew by,
The phoenix did not die!
Phoenix grew weak and old,
Frail and feeble, no more so bold!


It could neither soar high,
In the sky!
Nor croon any melody,
Its body got weak and voice got quavery!


The phoenix urged to the sun,
“Oh! glorious sun,
Life is no more fun!
Please make me strong and young.”


The sun did not respond,
The phoenix went on and on!
The phoenix cried and longed,
To revisit the land, it belonged!


It flew across the desert, mountains,
Rivers and valleys to reach the destination!
It made a nest with bark of cinnamon,
Herbs and got some myrrh-gum!


It made an egg and brought it,
To the nest!
With all preparations done,
The phoenix lifted its head, one last time to sing and hum!


“O majestic sun,
Make me young and strong again!”
The phoenix rose high,
Very close to the sun in the sky!


This time the sun heard, as it pleaded,
Its red and golden feathers and plumage gleamed!
As it hovered and flapped its wings.
With a weak voice it could hardly sing!


What a glaring sight?
The Phoenix bathed in blazing sunlight!
The dazzling sun set the phoenix on fire,
It landed on the nest, which served as a pyre!


Beautiful wings burst in flames,
The pile of ashes was the last remains!
Then the ashes began to tremble, crackle and pop up.
Resurrecting from the ashes, a tiny head cropped up!


It was frail and sketchy,
Thin and stretchy!
Soon from the ashes emerged a hatchling,
It grew big from a tiny chick, to a nestling!


It spread its wings,
And became a fledgling!
The phoenix had renewed, resurrected,
Regrown, and regenerated!


It went on singing glories of the sun high up in the sky
It soared high, again it was meant to fly!


Women have the power of shapeshifting from one personality to the other. From being the little princess of her parents to a lovely, chirpy, giggling girl in growing up years to a bubbly butterfly in youth.
From here on the testing times start for her, as she builds up the reserves of pain achieving her milestones in academics, career, love life, relationship or heartaches. This phase is her second birth.
Further with marriage and adjustments, life presents new learnings. Marriage, is the third birth.
Then comes the creative phase of childbirth and pains of creation, fulfilling the responsibility of procreation and being in partnership with the creator. Becoming a mother is the fourth birth.
Raising kids and nurturing the family, facing the challenges of life causes her to die n-number of times and take instantaneous birth n+1 number of times for her loved ones. It is a boon given to her by the creator to complete her journey on earth. It is the pain she accumulates in her heart that fuels the fire, for her to burn her old self and renew, resurrect and regenerate herself and rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.

Women’s ability to rise like a phoenix


She rises as a phoenix, umpteen times in life.
Facing the challenges and strife!
She knows, she has a superpower.
The flames of pain are there to empower!


She rises like a phoenix from her own ashes,
When she receives life’s blows and bashes!
Challenges are the fuel that burn this fire,
When she is tired, rest and regeneration is her only desire!


An ember in the ashes that is still alive,
Will trigger a raging fire to bring her alive!
She will never let time, wipe out her name,
A tiny ember, fanned by pain, will rise to a flame!


This pain gives her direction and passion,
To look for her own resurrection!
She rises every time from the ashes. But why?
She has a purpose and knows her ‘why’?


She will feel the heat and feel burned out,
From the ashes, she will rise again and come out!
Whether to remain in the ashes,
Or flame up, it is her choice!


Would she die down in the fire,
Or renew like a live wire?
Whether she will soften,
Or emerge out toughened!


Tempered in the fire,
Renewal is her only desire!
She can burn her pain,
Before it makes her insane!


Squeezing out at the seams of sufferings,
Morphing and renewing again with new offerings!
Phoenix can only rise,
Burning the pain is the price!



A Woman, has to learn to die a thousand deaths,
Build her spiritual muscle and be fearless!
She reincarnates taking life’s blows,
Silently, so that no one knows!


From spreads and flickers of flames,
Rises another powerful dame!
One day world will know her name,
As she rises again from the flame!


Without her the world cannot survive,
She morphs into a mother, daughter, sister or wife!
Transmuting well between all the roles,
She wishes to fulfill all her desires and goals!

Partnership with the creator
Women have been created by the almighty for a mighty role. The Women signed a partnership deal with the creator. Motherhood is a blessing given to women by the almighty. The technology of one-way teleportation of the human soul from the spiritual realm to the physical realm is only with women.
God has given women the hardware in terms of the reproductive system and software of love, care, patience, perseverance, and the capacity to handle pain and pressure. Only love makes this transition of soul navigation possible. Ask a woman how it feels to give birth to a life. It is a miracle indeed.
We, women, have the responsibility of raising empowered kids. But is it possible unless we have empowered ourselves?

Ponder on this point-Can a suppressed or rebellious mother raise empowered kids?
We, women, need to heal ourselves first so that we don’t pass on our wounds and insecurities to our kids. Generational insecurities, unhealed wounds, need to stop at us. Let us take responsibility.

Whatever happened to us is not in our hands. To fulfill the divine responsibilities assigned to us, we need to heal ourselves. That is definitely in our hands and our responsibility.

Role of a mother
How can suppressed mothers raise empowered and awakened kids? In the end, it’s not about women, it’s all about our children whom we love so much. In order to empower children, first, we have to empower women. Empowered in terms of thoughts, words, and actions.
Real empowerment starts only when a woman has an identity of her own in addition to being someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother.
Real empowerment is when she acquires financial independence, financial stability good-health, emotional wellness and spiritual growth. Real empowerment is when she is able to express herself freely and voice her thoughts without any fear. Real Empowerment is when she can say no to stuff or things she doesn’t believe in.

Real empowerment is when she can raise fearless kids with strong values of honesty, truthfulness, kindness, compassion, and empathy to make this world a better place for all of us to exist in harmony with nature and each other.

Real empowerment is – empowering yourselves, healing yourself, so that you can empower the next generation and pass on the healing and not your fears, limitations, and trauma to your kids. If we have low self-worth, low self-esteem, and low self-love we would only pass it on to future generations.

Real empowerment is having a firm foundation. So that we can support our life partner, kids, and family working on the scene and behind the scene.

When a woman is loved and respected for her divine feminist powers, she empowers everyone around.
The yin and yang energies need to be balanced to create a beautiful and abundant life. Men who understand this secret, experience all the riches and abundance and enrich the lives of their kids, the family and the society.
When yin and yang energies unite, the next level of the game or door to treasure trove opens. This is a spiritual secret. It completes the circle of life.

Jyoti Gidwani is a manifestation coach, author and speaker.

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