Women- The essence of Life

An article by Roopal Arora


Life gives us a way to find our strength.There is no limit to what we,as women,can accomplish.They have the ability to shape their lives and also to shape the world.It means motivating women,accepting their opinions and providing them with the right whatever they desire.We all are given equal rights.They are given the choice to make their own decisions.They have the most potent right in deciding what’s right for them and what’s wrong .As times evolved,women realised their power.They  created a space for themselves.They are able to possess  the life that they want to have and be happy in it.The rights and freedoms that women have today are the outcomes of the fights that brave women fought against it.


They made their own place.They are given different opportunities in every field.The learning that they get can help them achieve their dreams and purpose.They should be free to pursue things they want to achieve and achieve all their aspirations.They can be places of love,care and fulfillment but they are also spaces where rights are violated,their voices are stifled and where inequality prevails.When given the right support women have shone brilliantly in every field.They are really strong,it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.They are great leaders and if given the opportunity,they can excel in every field.

A woman with strong opinion ,is a strong woman.Be a part of a change and strengthen a woman.It is the process of providing women with all the rights,so that they can live freely and without fear.They have right to bring change for themselves and others.They can decide on their own.Just motivate them to achieve something that they really want.Love and support will lead to a positive change.

They have the power to create,build and transform.Every time a woman stands up for herself,without knowing it but they stand up for all women.They are leading purposeful and meaningful lives.They can develop the world in a better way.They have power to control their lives.They are moving on the right path.They are capable of maintaining peace in the world.There path is full of challenges,many of which they fought it down and fought it back time and again.


They bounce back in face of challenges and get up, no matter how many times they are knocked down.They create their own path.They strike out on there own when the going gets most difficult.It is about having strength in face of adversity and pain.They are leading in every field.Their ideas,thoughts,challenges,lives have shaped the world.Everyone takes inspiration from there work and dedication.


They have given meaningful engagement.They do things that help them build there faith.They are given a beautiful life as they are brave enough to give it a meaning.They never give up and they face different challenges with courage,strength.They have power to shape there life.They understand different perspectives.When they transform themselves for a purposeful life,they are building a blissful life.When they know what they want and feel it,they will find a way to get it.When they go into there power,they face difficult challenges and they create the life they want.When they put there belief in there work,everything works for them.

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