World Odia Language Conference To Be Held Every 5 Years, Announces CM Naveen


Speaking on the final day of the inaugural World Odia Language Conference today, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik declared that the conference would take place every five years. The Chief Minister expressed his belief that the inaugural World Odia Language Conference will always be remembered as a significant event by saying, “We shall all gather again after five years and exchange opinions on taking the Odia language further ahead.”

The Chief Minister expressed his sincere gratitude to all the students, young people, writers, researchers, poets, litterateurs, and Odias who attended the conference, saying that various topics related to our language had been covered throughout the course of the three days. He said there have also been a number of excellent suggestions. The chief minister, however, stated that all language-related decisions made here will be announced by him in the Vidhan Sabha because the Odisha Assembly is currently in session. Believing that the Odia language has preserved our Odia race’s identity for centuries, he urged everyone to make a commitment on this auspicious day to expand our vocabulary by coining new Odia terms.

Highlighting the impact of scientific knowledge on language, he said that scientific enthusiasm, advancement of technical knowledge and computer language are the big challenges for language in the present age. Therefore, he opined that the Odia language has to be integrated with it. Calling upon the youth, he said, “I hope that Odia language will be the language of our youth. If we realize the glory of our language, it will surely move forward.” The museum organized on the occasion of the conference has touched everyone’s heart. Therefore, as per the request from all he announced an extension of the deadline by another 3 days.

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