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Wuhan writer’s lockdown experience diary angered China


Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China.  The government was forced to declare a shutdown in January as the situation worsened.  The city, home to 10 million people, looked like a cemetery.  In it, Wang fang, a writer living alone with her pet dog, started writing a daily (Daily Diary) on his Weibo account to keep her brain active.

Wang fang’s diary created courage among people.  In addition, the author daily described the situations she was witnessing in front of her eyes and her feelings about them.  Her first diary was well received.  People were sympathetic to her experience.  However, with the change of heart, the administration’s attention was drawn to her diary.

The administration instructed all publishers not to publish her writings in any media.  As a result, her new article has not been published.  The publisher has even stopped printing her published books.  Her life was not limited to hardship.  She later received threats through various means.  She was even threatened with death, she said in a recent international media interview.

 Fang has received many honors in the past for her writing.  However, she has now become controversial in the country after writing the Lockdown experience.  She wrote daily how to feel isolated from the world in the diary, how it felt to see people die in front of their eyes, and so on.  It was also important to do so at the time.  Fang also advised to exchange ideas among others.

 She has written at least 40 diaries on the epidemic.  “Because of all these diaries, the administration now considers me an enemy,” she said.  “A lot of cruelty is being used against me as a writer,” she said.  Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.  That’s why the administration is angry with her.

 Not only the government but also the social media has launched a wave of allegations against her.  Diary is said to be a conspiracy against the Mississippi government along with the West.  “People don’t even bother to call me a traitor,” she said.  She is now worried about such an attack on her.  She remembers the 1966-1976 China Cultural Revolution.  People killed many intellectuals and thinkers.

 This seems to have returned to the country as a class struggle and the dictatorship of the all-powerful group.  “It’s clear that the reforms in China have failed,” she said.  The lockdown lasted for 76 days in Wuhan.  Without it, the situation would not have been imagined.  The author also supported the government’s move in the diary.  Other countries also learned Chinese lessons.  During the epidemic, all meetings, committees and celebrations were cut short.  Everyone had to wear masks.  Health care code was required to enter any housing complex.  Because of all this, Corona virus left Wuhan in April.  Although the government has been successful in tackling the corona virus, it has exploded in the early stages of the government’s invisibility.  For this reason, Fang appears to be facing such a situation as she demands scrutiny in her diary.  She does not oppose the government’s policy rules.

Image Source : BBC

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