Home Technology You can now watch Netflix for free!!!

You can now watch Netflix for free!!!

You can now watch Netflix for free!!!

Literally, now you can watch Netflix for free in India. Netflix StreamFest kicked off earlier today, and it will continue till Sunday. For the first time, Netflix is offering its services for free, and for an entire weekend.

The entire catalog of Netflix, including movies, TV shows, are free for users in India. Users will also have access to Netflix features such as creating profiles, parental controls, creating lists, and even downloading movies and shows.

However, Netflix is allowing only one user to stream from one account at a time, and if you want to watch Netflix for free, you will have to create an account that you can do so through the browser or from its Android app.

Netflix account creation is possible only on the web and its Android app, but users can watch it on any device, including iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and more. You can even cast Netflix to more giant screens during StreamFest.

There will be a surge in traffic today, so Netflix might limit the number of people watching whenever this happens. If there is one, Netflix will alert you, saying “StreamFest is at capacity,” It will also notify you when you can start watching it again.

Netflix is testing this first in India and based on how the response is, it might expand it to other markets as well. Netflix is one of India’s most popular streaming services and one of the most expensive, with monthly plans starting at ₹499 per month and ₹199 for mobile.

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