YOUNG SENSATION-Shreya Pattanayak- CBSE 2022 Topper, Mother’s Public School

by prisita

Shreya Pattanayak has recently made the  State proud (Odisha)by topping the National Ranking of the last 10th exam(CBSE) 2022. Being the only child of businessman Srikanta Patnaik and housewife Sangita  Pattanayak has scored the magic number 500 out of 500 on the last examination administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). She got instant recognition nationwide for her incredible achievements at a very early age which has been a rare feat in any student’s dreams. She is now becoming the heartthrob of the young generation.

Shreya’s biggest inspiration has been her Mother. She has insisted on setting a positive atmosphere for her from a young age, encouraging her to put in a lot of effort and not stress out over the upshots of her challenges. The motto in her life has been to work hard and never worry about the result.

The teachers at Shreya’s school (Mother Public School, Bhubaneswar) were incredibly helpful and were always available when she needed them the most. She has had a lot of assistance from her principal Poly ma’am, vice-principal Asha ma’am, supervisor Santoshi ma’am, and all of the subject instructors. They were always there for her, responding to her questions and pointing her in the correct direction if she had any concerns.

She emphasizes her goals for the future by saying that she wants to pursue a profession in medicine. She is passionate about reading both short tales and books as a hobby. She adores reading novels by her favorite author, Sudha Murthy. She enjoys playing the piano to unwind. Cycling has been her go-to exercise. Ms. Pattanayk has always been a very sincere and hardworking student. She never exerts pressure to perform well on tests. Shreya’s mother has always inspired her to succeed, according to her gratified father.

Shreya never attended tuition-based classes because she always preferred independent study. She used to spend three to four hours studying alone after school. She has never adhered to a certain schedule. She sets a goal of finishing a specific topic before the end of the day and sticking to it very defiantly. She thinks studying before the test might help you pass but consistency and revision are what is going to make you win medals.

Shreya believes those aspiring students who want to get more success in their kitty have to embrace learning rather than viewing it as a burden to get good grades. Again, She emphasizes that each one of us must put forth our best effort and be self-dependant and truthful to ourselves if we are all passionate about our career

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