Youth pledges to prioritize cleanliness drives in Dhenkanal


Dhenkanal: The historic Bhagirathi Sagar (Nua Pokhari) Situated in the middle of Dhenkanal town is now in a diabolical state. It is a major source of attraction for the natives as it’s beauty attracts everyone. The pond was constructed during the 20th century by the order of the then Maharaja of Dhenkanal Shri Bhagirathi Mahendra Bahadur, and initially was used for water consumption needs, time passed and the pond went under the management of Dhenkanal Municipality. But due to the negligence and lack of preservation and care of the civic body the pond was polluted and went into filthy condition. Today this water body is full of Lotus flower mud, scum, garbages and waste materials thrown by local inhabitants into it.

Even the annual Chandan yatra of Lord Madan Mohan in which lord used to ferry and enjoy water sports in the pond has been interrupted due to the lotus muds as they are creating an obstacle. Keeping all this in view, a local youth named Soumyabrata Sahoo with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and associated with many social organization selflessly came forward to clean some of the waste materials like Polythene bags, jute bags, glass bottles, thermocols and other garbages that are thrown inside the pond.“At first people need to be aware of the fact that we shouldn’t throw garbage here, I urge local youth to come forward and clean the garbages helping the pond to retain its beauty. I also request people living near the pond to stop throwing waste materials and garbages inside the water body. If we want we can surely keep our surrounding clean and beautiful,” said Soumyabrata.

Mr. Sahoo has pledged his life to social service and induced himself in different social works like blood donation, planting saplings, feeding the needy etc. Soumyabrata is now being praised for his deed by many intellectuals and elderly people of the town.

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