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YouTube will warn you if you are about to post an offensive comment


In an attempt to weed out offensive comments on videos, YouTube will ask people, “Is this something you really want to share?” before users post something that might be offensive.

YouTube is launching new features to it’s that is going to warn users if the user is about to post a comment that might be offensive, where YouTube will give a chance to the user to review their statement.

However, the new feature of YouTube is not going to stop you from posting any comments. The review of the statement is going to appear only for those posts that YouTube will consider offensive, and this is based on content that has been repeatedly reported on the platform.

Once the warning shows up, users can still post the comment precisely as they had planned or take some time to edit it.

For the creators, YouTube has a better filtering system in YouTube studio, where creators manage their channels.

A new filter placed in the YouTube studio will seek out inappropriate and offensive comments that will be automatically flagged and held for review and removed from the queue so as people don’t have to read them.

The new feature of YouTube will roll out on Android first and be available in English before making other languages available.

According to their reports, YouTube has been trying to clean its platform off offensive and abusive comments, and it used automatic filtering to remove daily hate speech comments 46 times more since early 2019 than before.

For offensive video, YouTube claims that it terminated 1.8 million channels in the last quarter, and more than 54,000 of them were due to hate speech.

Image Source: Google

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