Youtube’s new Feature to search songs for you


Compared to Apple’s Shazam music detection app, YouTube has launched a new experiment for Android devices that enables users to recognise songs by humming them.According to the YouTube support page, a feature is presently being tested on the Android version of the video-sharing website’s app. By humming, singing, or recording a little bit of a song, users can recognise songs on YouTube.

Those users who have been given access to this new function can stop using YouTube’s voice search and start using the new music search capability. The platform’s algorithm recognises the melody when you hum, sing, or record a song fragment for three seconds or more. The user is then directed to relevant YouTube videos featuring the requested song. These videos may include the original music video, user-generated content, or Shorts.

Currently, only a small portion of Android users may access the search-by-song functionality. The feature’s potential utility may be significant if it were made more widely available, especially in light of how widely used YouTube is as a platform for finding songs.

Some users might be familiar with YouTube’s most recent experiment. The parent company of YouTube, Google, first debuted a comparable function on tools including the Google app, the Google Search widget, and Google Assistant back in 2020. By humming, whistling, or singing into the microphone symbol, users could recognise a song. The significant difference, though, is that Google’s version requires users to hum for 10 to 15 seconds in order to correctly identify the music.




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