Home Sports Times Yuvraj Singh Criticized Unprofessional Behavior Of BCCI On Former Cricketers

Yuvraj Singh Criticized Unprofessional Behavior Of BCCI On Former Cricketers

Yuvraj Singh Criticized Unprofessional Behaviour Of BCCI On Former Cricketers

Yuvraj Singh has been one of the most phenomenal cricketers who has redefined winning over struggle. Yuvraj featured in 304 ODI’s, 58 T20’s and 40 Test matches for the national team.

Honoured with Arjuna award and being stated as Man Of The Tournament in 2011 ICC Cricket WorldCup has now raised his voice over unprofessionalism.

He has raised his concern over the recognition and honouring over various cricketers after retirement. Yuvraj said that he felt the way the board managed him towards the end of his career was “very unprofessional”.

Recently Yuvraj claimed of himself of not being so captivating performer in test matches.

In an interview he also added that”First of all, I don’t think I’m a legend. I’ve played the game with integrity but I didn’t play much Test cricket. Legendary players are those who have good Test records. For giving somebody a farewell, that’s not for me to decide, that’s for BCCI to decide.”

According to a course of the interview, Yuvraj Singh also revealed that apart from him Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag were receiving similar treatment as well.

He also cited the names for Gautam Gambhir who has won two world cups for us. Virendra Sehwag who has been marvellously played and attained the biggest match-winner after Sunil Gavaskar. Despite such profound player they deprived of a legendary farewell.

Adding to this he also mentioned regarding the unprivileged behaviour of BCCI towards other great players like Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan who felt the same fate.

He further claimed that he hopes the board will acknowledge the importance of match-winners for the coming generation and reward them with proper honour for their contribution towards Indian cricket.

Article Written By Mousami Jena

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