Zomato To Increase Women Delivery Partners By 10% By End Of This Year


Zomato plans to increase participation of women delivery by almost 10 per cent while the current situation is only 0.5 per cent of its delivery partners. The company plans to achieve the goal of reaching 10 per cent participation by the end of 2021 in cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

According to the reports, Zomato Co-founder Deepinder Goyal stated in a blog – “Today, we are taking our first step towards increasing the participation of women delivery partners in our fleet. To begin with, we have set ourselves a goal of reaching 10% participation by the end of 2021 starting with Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. Adding more women to our delivery fleet is not as simple as just targeting more women for this job. That’s because our policies need to change to attract and retain more women delivery partners. Hopefully, shortly, people won’t generalise this community as delivery boys, and see them for what they truly are delivery partners.”

Even for the safety of the women delivery partners, the company has taken a few initiatives like women who will be hired by the company for delivering food packages will undergo self-defence training, which will be made mandatory for all women delivery partners to attend. The company has added training to its onboarding process. All women partners will be equipped with a handy hygiene and safety kit.

To prioritise women delivery partners’ safety, Zomato will be making late evening deliveries contactless by default. A 24×7 helpline will also be set up for emergency cases. The delivery partner will get an SOS button on the app, which if tapped, will share the live location with the on-ground teams, central rider support, and other delivery partners in the vicinity.

Image Source – Google

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