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Zoom new features enhance appearance, available in version 5.2

Zoom new features enhance appearance, available in version 5.2
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Zoom has introduced new feature designs to inject some fun time into the monotonous experience of business meetings.

The latest addition includes filters, reactions, improved lighting capabilities and enhanced noise suppression in the app in order to keep the meetings lively.

“We believe that we better connect in the video but feeling connected while working from home is still challenging. The casual and fun elements that bring us together in the office seem to be missing from the virtual meeting culture. Zoom wants to empower you to feel your best in virtual meetings, express your individuality and build moments of fun into your day with some new features that level up your video game,” said the company in a blog post.

It has been a while since we found any updated feature in Zoom regarding appearance because the company has been involved in amending the security of the platform. While in the meantime, we’ve seen a constant update flowing in from Microsoft team, which has been Zoom‘s number one competitor.

The most appreciating feature includes noise suppression. It can be suppressed to low, medium or high and auto-settings which can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. The feature is provided under Audio settings in “Suppress background noise.”

It has also enhanced appearance settings to make the individual look better which include light adjustment and filters to help optimize the appearance. An adjustment slider is provided to Zoom’s “Touch up my appearance” setting. There is also a feature of providing a virtual green screen to overlay their video over screen sharing. New emoji and Snapchat style filters have also been added.

The customer has to update to Zoom 5.2 to get an access to the all the above mentioned features.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo.

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