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XIM University (New Campus), Odisha, will be hosting XpectRM at XIM University today 14th October ‘2022. The event will be organized by RM Alumni Committee. The theme for this year’s XpectRM is “Post-Pandemic Pathways: CSR, Development and Rural Marketing.”

The fifth version of XpectRM seeks to help students by giving them a thorough understanding of innovative and sustainable business ways to create long-term values by taking into account that organizations operate in an ecological, social, and economic environment to increase awareness and enhance their understanding of development policies. The students will review livelihood strategies and the currently used capacity-building methodologies. The event will offer ambitious rural managers a chance to discuss what rural India would look like after the pandemic. With an emphasis on place-based economic prospects, better services, better rural infrastructure, and assuring security and the dignity of labour, we must repurpose our rural approach.

The event will witness the participation of various industrial leaders:-

Mr Debjit Banerjee Lead Manager of CSR, reporting to Head CSR at Aditya Birla Capital

Mr Varun Kappal Regional manager at Tata Trusts

Ms Itishree Kanungo State Co-ordinator at Climate Parliament

Mr Amit Kumar founder of Akshanova

Mr Lokesh Sabharwal CEO and Head of Marketing at Mota Chashma

Mr Kiran Jyoti Mahasuar PhD. Candidate at IIM Kozhikode after working in ITC, Perfetti

The event will also be witnessed by stakeholders of the Xavier fraternity, including, faculty and students from the diverse schools operating under XIM University.

XIM University (New Campus), Odisha encourage thoughtful debate on relevant subjects and works to maximize the educational value of conclaves by enabling participants to actively interact with their peers and subject-matter experts.

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