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Connect with the Grassroots

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Bishnubrata Routray, MLA, Basudevpur

He(Connect with the Grassroots) may be the first-timer MLA from Basudevpur (Bhadrak) assembly constituency but he is acutely known for his political pedigree. His adored grandfather- Nilamani Routray was the former Chief Minister of Odisha. More, his father served as the Cabinet minister.

Politics runs in his DNA. Even before Bishnubrata(Connect with the Grassroots) was initiated into politics, people of the constituency have vouched for their support for his grandfather and father.

The seat has long served as the family’s pocket borough for decades. The latest scion now faces the challenge to carry the family’s legacy ahead.

Among the younger crop of politicians, Bishnubrata’s(Connect with the Grassroots) voice is well heard. He passionately partakes in debates and raises questions concerning his assembly constituency besides flagging the macro issues of the state.

His interrogation skills on critical issues have won him instant applause across party lines. 

In this interaction with The Interview Times’, he spells out how after witnessing politics from close quarters for long, he believes in today’s youth power.

The emerging generation of politicians, feels he, are dynamic, well-intentioned and free of communal or caste prejudices.

Bishnubrata articulates his thoughts patently with a firm grasp of the issues that count on the ground.

You may triumph in an election once or twice by selling fake commitments but in the long run, people will catch up with your deceit, feels he.

Voters these days demand an elected representative’s involvement 24×7. There is no short Route to success, he asserts.

The young legislator has applause for the BJD supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for his instincts and extraordinary tenacity.

It is the Chief Minister who constantly inspires us to stay humble and grounded and be more sensible with the man on the street, he says.

Bishnubrata perpetually feels blessed to be hailing from the family of Nilamani Routray not just because of his reputation as the former chief minister but for the emotive connect he shared with the people of the state.

The love that the senior Routray elicited from the hoi polloi remains unmatched to this date.

“Possibly, it is the art of staying connected with the people of Odisha that has reposed the faith of voters in our family. It’s in our DNA and we have enjoyed it since 1952. Each member of our family takes immense pride in it and we owe it to the blessings of Lord Jagannath’, he said.

Being a trained singer who always loved singing in the heydays of his career has meant a lot to him in political life.

He opines that life has its own taste and he values whatever life has offered to him with all his heart.

He has idolized the towering leader, statesman and former chief minister who contributed enormously to nation-building.