DETOXIFYING THE WOMEN POWER- Dr. Rosalin R Parida- Founder, Ethereal Detox and Wellness clinic

by prisita

By- Prisita Das

Many scholars have focused on female entrepreneurs recently, as they are the group of business owners that are expanding the quickest globally. According to newly published literature, women can significantly contribute to entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Today we are in a conversation with the very optimistic Dr. Rosalin R Parida, founder of Ethereal Detox and wellness clinic. She is a naturopathy, natural beauty, and wellness expert and also a natural beauty product formulator.

Dr. Parida began her adventure in 2009 and has been involved in the natural beauty and health industry for 15 years. Her mission is to make everyone aware of the power of nature. Taking a small step forward will help future generations create a society free of chemicals and protect the environment, water, and soil.

Dr. Parida is a cosmetologist and expert in natural cosmetic science who specializes in naturopathy and well-being. She is the only founder of the business Ethereal Detox and Wellness. She initially began working as an interior designer and then decided to make this her profession. Later, she discovered a deeper interest in wellness and began working as a licensed aromatherapist. She also has a Ph.D. in yoga science and a diploma in naturopathy.

Speaking of Ethereal, they offer services like colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, mineral salt baths, mud baths, and infrared saunas. In addition to all of this, they also offer customized detoxification plans, skincare, and diet plans.


Since she was very young, she has had a deep affinity for beauty. She saw beauty as something that had a strong impact on my personal and professional life and was incredibly creative and motivating. She conducted research and discovered numerous papers outlining possible connections between environmental contaminants and health problems as her interest in and predisposition toward the beauty industry grew. She was astounded to read about the chemicals in common conventional items and the potential effects they may have on our health. She considered making a career change because of her passion for social justice, as well as her personal experiences and appropriate education. Ethereal was created as a result in 2019.


The foundation and idea of beauty have changed with time, and they are now being emphasized in a purer, kinder approach. She has developed a holistic beauty concept where she has incorporated all of her knowledge from the last few years regarding skincare, natural beauty, nutrition, inner beauty, healing, and encouraging my clients to embrace the richness and understand that skin health improves overall well-being. She can envision people getting closer to their pure, authentic, individual, and natural beauty in 15 years.


Ethereal was initially unfamiliar with Bhubaneswar, which at the time had little knowledge of wellness and detox. The value of detoxification and the negative effects of toxins in the body were never taught to the public. She completely committed her first few years to educate people about the long-term and long-lasting advantages of wellness and detox. According to Dr. Rosalin, that stage of her journey has been quite difficult.


She thinks a woman who decides to start her own business has already embraced the fact that she is leaving her comfort zone. She has also always made decisions for herself that go beyond her comfort zone, starting at a very young age. She has received numerous opportunities from this society, and now it is her turn to return the favor. To provide her people with a better lifestyle and the best possible health, she uses entrepreneurship. As much as she has examined herself, she is also endowed with leadership skills and knowledge, which, if regarded as a career, are a wonderful match for the business. She thinks she was meant to work in business, where she can use her skills and knowledge to their full potential.


The goal of Ethereal is to develop a wellness destination where customers can unwind, revitalize, and participate in the essential healing process while caring for the temple they live in, which is their body.


Her achievements are remarkable she has been awarded the Best Women Empowerment Award, Winner of Best Cosmetologist, Winner of Best Ecologist, Winner of International Excellence Award, Bharathiya Nari Ratna Award, Best Women Empowerment award, International Excellence Award, Indian Diva Award, International Business Award, Indian Trade Award, Lifetime achievement award, Nari Sakti Award, Odisha corporate excellence Award.

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