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Four projects of India worth more than $ 800 million have been approved by the World Bank


Four projects of India worth more than $ 800 million were approved by The World Bank on Wednesday at a meeting of the executive directors of the World Bank. All of these projects of India are a series of long-term development projects. All of these projects are said to be encouraging tribal families in the state of Chhattisgarh to support subsistence agriculture and provide quality education in Nagaland and long-term development with the strengthening of various river embankment projects in the country.

“Development work is now an additional responsibility,” said Junaid Ahmed, director of the World Bank India Country. Through these four projects, the government can make the economy more flexible and sustainable. All of these projects can be helpful in improving the financial situation of poor families who are vulnerable to the epidemic.

In addition, the projects will help improve the financial incomes of many families and benefit them through the government’s expanded social security plan. These projects include a $ 68 million project to develop quality education in Nagaland. The World Bank has approved the aid to ensure social security to India through various projects in response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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