In Conversation With- Mr Amit Tripathy, Founder & CEO – MrFixPro

by prisita

MrFixPro is an Odisha-based home services platform that offers on-demand doorstep service for various house repair and enhancement projects. Customers can book household services such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, appliance repair, pest control, and many more using their app and web platform, which will be supplied by independent licensed technicians. MrFixPro is backed by an industry veteran turned entrepreneur with over 20 years of business expertise, as well as a team of young professionals with varied backgrounds. They began providing services in Bhubaneswar and will later expand to other cities in Odisha.


Today we are in a conversation with Mr Amit Tripathy who has put all his blood and sweat to grow the FixPro team.

Mr Amit Tripathy is an engineer by profession from Bolangir. He was solely associated with Microsoft. Amit was always fond of technology and gadgets and loves exploring new things.  He always wanted to do something of his own, and help the state peoples. Mr Tripathy Says, Odisha has a lot of opportunities and being a citizen of this state we have to perform well for the state. He later believed that we can put our sweat and blood here for our people and our wealth. So he planned and launched the concept of MrFixPro which is a home services platform that offers on-demand doorstep service for various house repair and enhancement projects. He always wanted to grow the work culture here in our state. He welcomes the best to his company where he has given jobs to more than 200 people to open up with their skills. He stated that technology is one of the most important things, which is evolving with generation and time.

As the technology is evolving, with same we can also see the growth of new markets and start-ups. It has been very hard to be in the run. Mr Tripathy has made sure of presenting quality services to the customers. They have been working as B2C as well as B2B brand making which is very technical and bright. Mr FixPro has a good growth rate, as it has given very mature output to the makers. The response was positive, and the customers loved getting their services from the FixPro. They have gained the trust in the market as they have given much importance to customers’ needs and satisfaction. They have a seamless work time, they already had all technicians police verified and technician verified which is very important in this sector. All the customers can book their services through their application which is very easily available at the Play Store. As soon as they install they need to log in and then book the chosen service and they are done. The location would be active throughout the work time to maintain safety as well as decorum.


Mr Tripathy addresses that start-ups are the vision and the future. There are a lot of sacrifices, hard work, consistency and most important patience. Patience can make a game and also can fail you at the same time. With this, it is also very important to work for a good cause, which can make a change in the system. The fundamental belief of smart work and hard work should be done, both are equally important we just need to place both of them in the correct places.

Lastly, he thanked The Interview Times for interacting with him and letting others know about his journey.


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