Its Covid scare again- Take Guard


Written by : Dibyajit Sahu

It’s 7.30 pm on Friday and the dusk has comfortably set in. After the Odisha government imposed the weekend shutdown to contain the transmission chain of Covid-19 which has resurfaced with two new mutants, deadlier than its original variant, there is a maddening rush seen amongst people to get back to their homes. And, also since all commercial establishments and stores are shuttered owing to the shutdown, people are scrambling to stock their households with essential items lest there is any panic like situation. The scenario is reminiscent of the same phase of the virus last year when Covid-19 was at its peak and people were forced to lock themselves indoors.

Imagine the scale of disruption the pandemic has triggered worldwide. It has metamorphosed the way we live, talk, commute and do business. We have developed stunning capabilities- we can send Space Missions to Mars yet we are dwarfed by a virus! And, what to speak of cut throat competition. Now, everything seems to be stilled. There are moments when we are compelled to press the reverse gear- just to calm and watch the virus subside. If you scour through those news portals or turn your eyes on the figures that scroll and beam on television screens, you realize the immensity of devastation this second strain is causing. Yes, we have developed multiple vaccines. And, have inoculated more than 800 per cent of the total caseload. Yet, the horror of Covid stupefies us. People are succumbing to the virus. Our healthcare system is capitulating to the spike in cases. Look at Delhi or Maharashtra. The scene is so appalling. We are running short on oxygen. These are indeed, times of despair. It’s like Nature unleashing its fury. Nurture is not armed to beat Nature.

We realize we don’t have the wherewithal to combat a pandemic of a global scale. However, that is no license for anyone to play the blame game. And, pass on the buck to the government. You and I are responsible citizens. We got to pull up our socks and do whatever we can to mitigate this unprecedented crisis. Let’s make this abundantly clear. The government alone and on its own, cannot trump such a pernicious virus. The non-state actors have to chip in and contribute to this movement. Let this be the clarion call.

Follow the basics. The guidelines issued by the state government should serve as a ready reckoner. Mask up wherever you are. It doesn’t take to be qualified to get the hang of these rudimentary rules. The fight against Covid is much of an individual as that of a nation as a whole.  Remember- you are responsible for your life and the lives of those around you. If your life is not safe, neither can anyone else’s be. The ball is in your court. Play safe!


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