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Manohar Khattar’s crisis escalates, JJP ally demands withdrawal of case against farmers


The political crisis in Haryana is on the rise due to the peasant movement. The state’s ally, the Jana Nayak Janata Party (JJP), on Friday demanded the immediate withdrawal of the government’s case against the protesting farmers in Delhi. A three-member delegation led by state JJP chief Nishan Singh met the state home minister, Anil Vijay, and raised the issue.

The farmers’ movement in the state has intensified in protest of the Central Government’s Agricultural Amendment Act-2020. Despite the long-running agitation, the government has not taken any steps in this direction, called on Delhi Challo, a nationwide farmers ’organization. So the agitating farmers of the state created an explosive situation.

Manohar Khattar’s government cracked down on farmers in the state. It also sued farmers. More than 20,000 farmers have been charged in Ambala, Panipat, Rohtak, Kaithal and Shirsha police stations in several serious cases, including destruction of public property during the agitation, abuse and beatings of government officials.The name of Bharat Kishan Union (BKU) chief Gurnam Singh Charuni has not been ruled out.

Therefore, senior JJP leader Digvijay Singh Chautala has demanded that the Home Minister withdraw the case immediately. He said his party was inspired by the ideology of Chowdhury Devilal, a prominent farmer leader. But the inhumane atrocities perpetrated on the farmers ’Delhi Challo movement scandal by collaborating with the government will never be tolerated.The state home minister has promised to discuss the matter with the chief minister. After meeting the Home Minister, Chautala said that it was his first duty to support the farmers as his party’s ideology was Devilal. The Chief Minister, therefore, sympathetically hoped that the issue would be resolved so that the hostile situation between the farmers and the government would not escalate.

At the same time, the pressure on the JJP is mounting over the state government’s atrocities against farmers. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. Earlier, the state Congress chief minister B.S. Hooda demanded that the governor convene a special assembly session on the issue of farmers.

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