Oscar winning screenwriter Robert C. Jones breathes his last at 80


Robert C. Jones, famous Hollywood film editor and screenwriter, has passed away at the age of eighty. Robert was known for his “Guess who is coming to Dinner” and ‘Love Story” movies. He won an Oscar for his war-based film “Coming Home”. He was awarded the prestigious Oscar for Best Screenplay.

According to reports, he had been suffering from geriatric diseases for several days. Robert breathed his last on February 1 at his home in Los Angeles. Her daughter Leslie informed of her father’s death.

Award winning movie ‘Coming home’, poster collected from IMDB

Leslie herself is a film editor. “My father has a special role to play in my film editing career,” she said. She has also worked as an assistant in many films. “Like my father, I didn’t go to film school or take any formal training in film editing,” she said. I’ve learned that editing doesn’t require any specific skills. He taught me that talent is always found in compassion, determination, truth, the search for truth and authenticity.’

Robert was born on March 30, 1936. He dropped out of college and started working in the shipping room in the 20th century fox. He began his career as an assistant film editor in 1955 in the movie “The Long Hot Summer”.

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