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Sachin Pilot Says – No Plans Of Joining BJP, Has Congress Gaffed By Forcing His Farewell

Sachin Pilot Says - No Plans Of Joining BJP, Has Congress Gaffed By Forcing His Farewell

The Rajasthan legislative body has been in turmoil over the past couple of weeks. The incidence twirling around the reputed MLA and former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot, has put forward incessant questions of the dwindling governing body of the age-old Indian National Congress.

While India’s oldest political party has reduced to ashes in the past six years after their rival political party swept over them in 2014 Indian elections, the indecisive judgments made by them, are putting a threat to their limited existence in the 130 Crore populated country

The turbulence originated a couple of weeks back when the “Rebel” Sachin Pilot, along with his faithful supporters in the party, left the state, putting chief minister Ashok Gehlot amidst tension and chaos.

At the same time, the senior Congress leaders were quick to act upon it and appointed a team to resolve the conflict and bring back their most important weapon of success.

However, the Pilot was resolute. In the subsequent CLP meetings for the party’s resolution, there was the absence of Sachin and his supporters.

Subsequently, Ashok Gehlot, along with other senior members, took the stern step of sacking Pilot from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and also dismissing food and civil supplies minister Ramesh Meena and tourism minister Vishvendra Singh, who were Pilot’s left hand.

To the world and through the media, it seems a straightforward decision. Due to the unnecessary rebellious character, Sachin Pilot had to face the adverse fate. With Gehlot, having the majority of the legislators, it seems a certified ride for the party in the near future.

There were also allegations, from the Congress insiders that Pilot had connections with BJP and was consciously trying to defame the party. There were also speculations that Sachin will soon join BJP after his chaos with Congress.

However, it all ended today when Pilot said that he has no intention of joining BJP and will remain the faithful of the Gandhi family by sojourning as an MLA. This incidence takes a serious decline in the reliability of the dwindling Congress party.

There is no ignoring the fact that Ashok Gehlot is a senior person with years of expertise and wisdom under his belt. Therefore, after the 2018 election result, he was chosen as the prime candidate to honoured as Chief Minister Rajasthan.

However, it was the hard work, capability, competency, and adroit of Sachin, which favoured Rajasthan towards Congress. So wasn’t he the most eligible candidate for the Chief Minister post???

The person who got you the state should be given the authority to administer it over the next legislative tenure. The spark of youth and the progressive personality would also have helped Congress party to solidify their reign in Rajasthan with eternity to come.

However, the party chooses Galhot, which turned there most capable leader into a rebellion. Removing Sachin Pilot from Deputy Chief Minister will be no good to the party in the future run. The party which already is facing severe existential crises, all over India should run through peace, clarity to make the mark.

Chaos will put further questions on the administrative power of the party. Therefore, it’s high time that Indian National Congress unites among themselves, or else extinction doesn’t seem to be far from the sight.

Article Written By Sayak Karmakar 

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