Singer Humane Sagar to live With His wife again

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

In a significant milestone, Humane Sagar, an Ollywood playback singer, and his wife Shriya Mishra decided to put their long-running argument behind them and start over. The couple’s argument was settled during the second round of counseling, which was held at the Cuttack Mahila Police Station. After the counseling session, Shriya remarked as she left the police station, “All the misconceptions between us have been cleared up. Now, we’ll share a home.

Shriya is anticipated to move in with her husband shortly after making a number of accusations against him, including domestic abuse, extramarital encounters, and religious conversion.

ACP Amitabh Mohapatra said the talk was productive today as well as it was on the first day of their counseling. Over the course of the following 15 to 20 days, the couple will talk. Shriya will make a decision later and begin living with her spouse with the approval of her guardians.

The couple wants to live together now that all of their conflicts have been resolved. Shriya will go back to her father’s house because she didn’t bring her possessions with her today. She will decide when to go back to her marital home later, said Mohapatra.

The ACP said that no formal complaint had been filed in this matter. There were just verbal accusations made, and no formal complaint was submitted in this case. The couple ended their argument today after we phoned them twice. They pledged not to say anything negative about one another. Later, Humane’s mother and Shriya’s parents will talk and decide on a time for her to return to their home,” he continued.

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