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Sushant Singh Rajput- An Outsider’s Superstar

Sushant Singh Rajput- An Outsider's Superstar

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By- Sayak Karmakar

The year is 2006. Bollywood and its fans(Sushant Singh Rajput- An Outsider’s Superstar) are shaking their leg to the best dance number of the year “Dhoom Again”. Hrithik Roshan’s frenzied dance moves are followed by millions of his followers, and his cool anti-hero personage is making ladies swoon over him. However, there is one 20-year-old lad who was dancing with the same beat and energy in the backdrop of Hrithik Roshan.

The young boy, however, was a bit distinct than the majority of the background dancers present in the sets. The guy was an engineering dropout student.

Moreover, he had scored rank 7 in one of the toughest engineering entrance examinations of India (AIEEE). However, he had dreamt of something else- which very few “Outsiders” dare to dream.

No doubt, he was an inspiring student, but by heart and soul, this young boy wanted to become an aspiring actor. He wanted all the craziness and love of the audience and fans which showered in his idols Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. He was Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput- An Outsider's Superstar 1
Superstar – Sushant Singh Rajput

Fast forward to ten years. National Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the biggest crowd-puller, not only in India but throughout the world. Acclaimed director, Neeraj Pandey somehow decides to showcase the epic journey of the world-cup winner captain in the big screens.

Neeraj Pandey had an option to cast any big name for the movie which could have guaranteed him a sure shot blockbuster. However, the director had respect for talent and decides to take on board a four movie old newbie from Bollywood.

The actor did not helm from the film industry, thereby had no support from the powerful nepotism lobby of Bollywood. Even though none of the actor movies was box office duds, he was still unable to give a blockbuster in his short career of 3 years so far.

MS Dhoni- The Untold Story, released on September 30, 2016. It was a heroic risk taken by Neeraj Pandey to make a youngster with no filmy background portrays the role of a megastar of Indian cricket on-screen.

However, there came the historic entry scene of the reel life MS. The scene was cheered by hoots and whistles in singe screen and cheer and claps on the multiplex.

Yes, the superstar had finally arrived. People went to watch the film as MS Dhoni’s fan and after the movie became the fan of the 30 years four movie old youngster of Bollywood. A self-made superstar was born. The Superstar was Sushant Singh Rajput.

The journey from a background dancer to the youngest self-made Superstar of Bollywood sums up the journey of “Our Hero”, Sushant. The journey where he achieved his dreams amidst all the struggles and hardships which he had to face because of being an outsider and helming from a small town middle class family. With no Khan or Kapoor in his title, the journey was not a la-la-land. Sushant had to grind hard in small screen for three years.

He even started as a side character in his first TV soap  Kis Desh Main Hain Mera Dil and then, later on, went to become the household name in his next soap- Pavitra Rishta, in which he played the lead role.

It was in the year 2012, that director Abhishek Kapoor saw the plethora of talent this guy possess when it comes to acting abilities. He auditioned for the director’s movie and went on to bag his first Bollywood lead role in Kai Po Che which released in 2013. 

The journey was a roller- coaster ride. Yet Sushant would never give up. He was determined to taste success. He was determined to be the best among the “easy- access to fame” star kids with his humble and down to earth personality. Sushant was also successful in doing so.

He became a superstar. After MS Dhoni, he featured in commercially successful movies like Kedarnath and Chichorre and critically acclaimed movies like Sonchiriya. There were big-budget movies lined up for him just after the lockdown.

A million dreamers of Bollywood who are outsiders and come from small-towns were proud for their idol Sushant Singh Rajput. We the admirers of his talent were sure that in the next few years Sushant would be the biggest superstar of his generation with World-Wide recognition.

But the dreams of the millions of outsiders were shattered last Sunday- with just a one-line Breaking News- “Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide by hanging himself.”The news devastated everyone in the industry. His fans went into the shock mode which many will not recover throughout their life-time.

Four of his fans committed suicide within a week for his grief. But why such a talented star with a bright future and humble personality took such a severe step.

Or did he actually take this decision at all? If at all he took his life by himself, who was responsible for it? My answer- The whole flag bearers of Nepotism in Bollywood was responsible for it.

A fact that never changes in over a hundred-year history of Bollywood is that this industry is obsessed with nepotism. They love to launch Star Kids and make an illustrious successful career for them.

Whether it’s acting or directing or producing, the industry awaits the time for the star kid to attain puberty. Sometimes, the kid does not have to wait for long.

Being one year old is enough as in the case of Taimur Ali Khan. Then through lots of paparazzi and PR promotion, the name of the star kid gets lodged into the heads of Bollywood lovers. Then boom!!! The star kid makes a stellar debut under Dharma Production or Yash Raj Banner which sets off his/her career. 

The Bollywood industry loves to maintain this heredity. For the Nepotism gang, Bollywood is the property in which they have the sole authority. It will get passed onto from one generation to another (Prithivi Raj Kapoor- Raj Kapoor- Rishi Kapoor- Ranbir Kapoor- The yet to the born X Kapoor).

However, during this time if some talented kid with no godfather from the industry starts getting the name, fame and success- The Nepo Gang goes haywire to crush them.

Examples- Legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty was rejected by many directors and producers because of his skin tone. Another Legendary actor Shatrughan Sinha also had to face extreme struggles due to being an Outsider. This is the same thing which happened to our always cherished and beloved superstar- Sushant Singh Rajput. 

While Sushant Singh Rajput was victorious in winning the difficult war of nepotism, he couldn’t win the dirty war of favouritism in Bollywood. It is to be duly noted that this Nepo gang has a lot of connection in media house as well, who can publish lies of the last resort to get the pat and the money from their beloved nepo-gurus.

This dirty and the unfortunate event happened with the humble guy Sushant Singh Rajput as well. Noted self-made actress Kangana Ranaut in her latest video slammed the media for writing rubbish materials in the name of Sushant. The poor guy was referred to a truck driver, was termed as a narcist, rapist and abuser by publication houses like Mumbai MirrorBollywoodLife, and DNA.

Sushant Singh Rajput- An Outsider's Superstar 2
Superstar – Sushant Singh Rajput

So far, we saw how media houses with their garbage disturbed the life of Sushant Singh Rajput. Now let us come to the leading pundits– the real mastermind behind Sushant’s so-called suicide– The Nepotism flag-bearers. The Johar’s, the Chopra’s and their favourite star made sure that every passing day was misery in the industry for Sushant

Rajput was not invited to any of the Bollywood parties; he had to beg his fans to watch his movies, he was humiliated by Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor in Koffee with Karan show were humiliated by SRK and Shahid Kapoor in an award show, Salman Khan in an interview said – Sushant Who??? (strangely he finds talent in Lulia Vantur, Pulkit Samrat, Aayush and Sooraj Pancholi) and was also ignored in interaction with West Indes cricketer Dwayne Bravo.

Not only that, after giving his career biggest hits in terms of numbers Chichorre which grossed 153 crores, Dharma Productions, Sajid Nadiadwala Productions and YRF banned him from casting into movies for some unknown reasons.

According to some sources, after Chichorre, the actor lost six films in the last seven months. What a fate for an actor– whose previous flick was his biggest blockbuster

By reports, Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging himself as he was suffering from depression. The depression was evident from the reasons mentioned above.

But can we call it depression? It was a pre-planned murder by the current generation of Nepotism kingdom to make their throne secure for the next two decades.

Of course, how can a Sushant Singh Rajput– an educated actor become a superstar when we have Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor in the industry? The poor champ couldn’t take the cruel dictatorship of the nepo gang anymore.

Thus, we found the dreamer, the achiever cutting short his dreams and leaving to the unexplored arena. Sushant Singh Rajput was a Pure Lotus Amidst The Dirty Bollywood.

Well, it may not be a suicide case as well. There may be an alleged foul play which may be going on. While Mahesh Bhatt termed Sushant as schizophrenic, while himself being a notorious womanizer, his counsellor from Hinduja hospital rubbished it by saying he was suffering from depression.

The day Sushant allegedly committed suicide, there were some photos leaked of his deceased body. However, the body, according to many doctors, had no signs of being hanged to death. According to many reports, the night before Sushant’s demise they were having a great party at his house.

Moreover, for some unknown reason– the CCTV footage of the whole resident was not working. Who were the friends Sushant invited? Rhea was also with him.

So didn’t she realize he was in severe mental distress? Why the identities of the friends present during the party and at the time of Sushant’s death are still not revealed to the public?

The duplicate of the master key to Sushant’s bedroom was also missing. Where was it and why it was lost? So was it a suicide or a dark mystery which will bury in the history of the dark side of Bollywood.

Well, whether it be a suicide due to depression or foul play leading to the demise of him, the fact is that Bollywood lost a star which was one of its kind.

Along with his death, the dreams of millions of outsiders who wanted to become an aspiring actor and helm from small cities are crushed and shattered into pieces.

Well, this is what the nepo-gang wished to. They might be partially successful in doing so, but we should keep in mind that the revolt should not stop.

Human beings tend to forget, and it’s their nature. However, while a Brahmastra or Baaghi releases next, we need to bring the revolt back and make sure that this nepotism gang never becomes successful in continuing their heredity.  

A suggestion to the struggling actors– open up your struggles– let people know- we can revolt only if we know and further do not make any another Sushant Singh Rajput to fall into the traps.

Advice to the fans of Sushant– We can revolt by writing and not letting the nepotism gang becoming successful again. However, taking your life is not an option. It will make the soul of Sushant cry even more. Let us unite and fight. We will succeed.

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  1. Thinking about sushant singh rajput makes me feel like a loss of my own
    To be honest im myself a struggler who was inspired by SRK and LATE SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT like me many other newcomers and actors are now fearing to enter and sustain in acting career but yes we won’t give up no matter what happens we will live for you #sushant singh rajput we will grow like you we will shine like you . I want to say 1 thing that might make me sound bad or many may disagree with me but t1 truth is award shows are scripted whether its award or prank itself are already planned what SRK and shahid did to sushant was a prank and scripted SRK himself coming from delhi to Bollywood as an outsider knows the survival of newcomer he himself invited sushant singh for promotion of his movie “DETECTIVE BYOMKESH BAKSHI” in his show in &tv i may sound as a bhakt or blind fan of SRK but truth is truth im saying what is truth not as a fan of SRK . Yes 1 thing not only me everyone needs to do is BOYCOTT DHARMA PRODUCTIONS i swear i never gonna watch KJOs movies . STOP NEPOTISM AND SAVE NEW TALENTS


  2. The message is indeed heart touching. Do not forget this injustice done to one of our kind giving excuses of human nature. Do not take your lives to prove that you are standing up against the nepotism. Instead, you are proving Sushant Singh Rajput a weak character by doing so. I request to any of his fans to please do not take any of such steps. Let’s unite together, and fight against this Bollywood gang. Pledge to never watch any Star kid film or of the ones responsible for the death of our lovely talented Sushant Singh Rajput. May God rest his soul in peace.


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