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Tattoo Sensor for Monitoring Health parameters

Tattoo Sensor for Monitoring Health parameters
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The quality research in the field of epidermal electronics has brought forth an essential class of wearing sensors that target to counter care diagnostics with comfortable and health user experience. 

Ordinary medical devices which are large in size, inflexible, and are proved non-practical because as they did not allow monitoring of vital health parameters continuing day to day schedule. 

It has been studied that the curvilinear shape of the human body requires skin like sensors that can be tattooed on the body with an easy transfer process.

Dr Saurabh Kumar from Centre of Nanoscience and Engineering at IISC, Bangalore, India, a recipient of the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship is currently working on wearable sensors that can pull back information from human body using its largest organ, which is the skin.

With his recent work published in ACS Sensors, the group has assembled a skin that conforms tattoo sensor about 20 μm thick. 

The sensor affirms prominent and continuous monitoring of the health condition of an individual, like pulse and respiration rates as well as surface electromyography. 

The sensor serves for sensing respiration rate and pulse, with the need for mounting multiple sensors. 

This quick and highly repeatable sensor follows easy fabrication steps and can be patterned to any shape and size via laser.

The sensors prove not to interfere with the daily activities of the user.

At the same time, it enables continuous monitoring of vital parameters like UV rays exposure, skin hydration level, glucose monitoring, and so on.

Apart from pursuing his research on sensors, Dr Kumar is also training the students in biosensor technologies for actively engaging them in growth and succession of tools for the bioresearch and clinical diagnosis.

Written by- Mousami Jena
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