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Whatsapp calling: Safe Haven for criminals

Whatsapp calling: Safe Haven for criminals

Today the world is thriving on the Technological advancements, and with each passing day, innovative discoveries are paving our ways with comfort and easiness. Without a doubt, they are a delight to watch and experience, but they also possess a potential threat to our safety.

For instance, the continuous evolution of the widely used cross-platform messenger WhatsApp is proving to be a hurdle for the police investigating teams across the country.

WhatsApp internet calling was launched in 2015, and since its launch, it has faced a substantial prejudice from the existing carrier companies. It is also manifesting challenges for police surveillances where criminals or the scammers are using it to their advantage. The non-traceability of the calls over WhatsApp is proving to be a haven for the wrongdoers.

It has made the communication cheaper & easier since it only needs an internet connection and a single click can erase every traceability of every WhatsApp call hitherto existed to communicate the whereabouts of the crime.

Let’s not lose the sight of the fact that it is a proprietary based software, which maintains its private servers, and places call using the internet bypassing the traditional Code-division multiple access (CDMA) platform.

In the pre-Jio era, it proved to be a boon for thousands of users across India who were tired of costly tariffs. Most of us have switched to WhatsApp calling because it is free.

But the investigating agencies have taken notice that for discussing & planning nefarious activities, the lawbreakers have actively switched to the WhatsApp calling, which has made impossible to trace them beforehand. The privacy policies and encryption over end-to-end communication in WhatsApp do not ease the situation either.

No doubt, It is detrimental as a crime can be easily planned, carried and executed by a crew communicating over internet calling without leaving a trace for the police to inquire.

Even in the infamous celebrity suicide case, the accused has used WhatsApp calling to leave no evidence of her whereabouts, as reported by the media. Extortions, blackmailing and ransom calls all have been shifted to internet call to refrain police personnel from tracing them.

When the administration contacted the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, spokesperson Carl Woog said, “We are a part of Facebook now and contribute to Facebook’s transparency report. In general, we work closely with governments whenever necessary, if there is a critical incident or when they (the government) reach out to us. But because of End-to-End (E2E) encryption enabled by default on WhatsApp, the contents of the messages are not visible to anybody except for the sender and recipient.”

Unchecked technologies without limitations have never been kind on us. From the iCloud leaks to UPI scams, technology abuse has taught us to be careful at every step of our digital life.

However, more the privacy policies are getting robust, more it has been becoming difficult for the crime agencies to scoop up data for their inquiries. The government needs to interfere in the policymaking and bring reforms to safeguard the interest and safety of the company and consumers, respectively.

Written by Tushant Baranwal

Image Source: 2-Spyware.com

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  1. Truly said! WhatsApp call has become a headache for the police team. My dad is a Policeman, he often discuses this issue with us. I hope the government could do something about it.

    Thanks for covering it.


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