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World AIDS Day: Global Solidarity Global Solidarity, Resilient HIV Services


World AIDS Day, which is spread awareness against the disease, is celebrated on 1st December every year. This day was first celebrated in 1988 in which we embrace all to fight against HIV and also to show some support for the people living with this disease.

This year the theme for AIDS day will be the focus on “Global Solidarity, resilient HIV services” by World Health Organisation (WHO). Even the Odisha Government is spending crores of rupees for the awareness programs for many less educated people who have no clue about this disease. There are various schemes been introduced by the State Government, which will help many people who are dealing with HIV.

The Odisha State AIDS Control Society (OSACS) earlier released the latest statistics where it showed that 40 per cent of the Youth are mostly affected by this disease. At around 2,468 new infections were recorded in 2019-2020 till January this year where 996 persons infected with HIV are in the age group of 15 to 35, over 41 pc of the total 50,228 persons. Even the conditions in which HIV infected people are living is even worst.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic also many infected people find it difficult even to face the problem. With no hospitality and the severe conditions due to the lockdown affected the infected people a lot. The NGOs and the State Government was working to initiate more programmes so that people are aware of this disease and in future will also to eradicate this disease.

On this occasion, renowned sand artist Subal Moharana created a sand sculpture highlighting a red ribbon on the beach. The Red ribbon is the universal symbol of global solidarity and shared responsibility in a fight against HIV. His work will help the people and would make them especially the younger generations to be more aware of HIV.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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