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World’s First Flying Car Pal-V Liberty Ready To Roam On Roads

World's -First -Flying -Car -Pal-V -Liberty -Ready -To -Roam -On -Roads

World’s first commercial flying car is all ready to roam on roads.
PAL-V, the Dutch company was involved in the making of a first flying car, announced its liberty vehicle has been approved for road usage in Europe.

Such development paved way for future not too far-fetched where spotting flying cars could just be ordinary.

PAL-V Liberty, a compact two-person aircraft that could travel on public roads, that recently cleared European road admission test flights.

Currently it has been allowed to hit streets with official license plate.

As world’s first flying car, the Liberty starts with entry-level price tag of Rs. Three crores.

Notably, PAL-V signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Gujarat to establish its plant in India and the production in India is likely to commence by the year 2021.

The production models from Gujarat will be exported to several European countries.

PAL-V Chief Technology Officer Mike Stekelenburg stated that, “The trick in successfully making a flying car is to ensure that design complies with both air as well as road regulations.”
“We have been cooperating with road authorities many years to reach this milestone and it was challenging to make a ‘folded aircraft’ pass all road admission tests.”

PAL-V said Liberty benefits from certification experience accumulated in the earlier flight test program with PAL-V One.

Before the final 150 hours of flight, over 1,200 test reports need to be completed. Afterwards, deliveries to customers can start.

Powered by dual engines, the Liberty could reach maximum speed of 160 kmph via drive mode, with ability to accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just nine seconds. It has a range of 1,315 kilometres.

The Liberty is going through aviation certification with European Aviation Safety Agency since 2015. The finalization is expected in 2022.

Written By- Mousami jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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