Doctors’ protest against Yoga guru Ramdev, FORDA to observe ‘Black Day’ today


Condemning the derogatory and disgraceful statements made by Yog guru Ramdev, Resident Doctors Association at the AIIMS in Delhi has announced that they would be joining the nationwide Black Day protest tomorrow. However, the association has noted that they would ensure patients care is not affected due to the protest.

Last week, Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA) India stated that they would hold a nationwide black day protest on 1 June against the statements of Yog Guru against Corona warriors and modern medicine.

In their statement on Monday, the doctors’ association at AIIMS said “Amidst the second wave of the pandemic, our fraternity of Corona Warriors has been striving to save our dearest motherland… Despite the solemn pride of selflessly working out our abilities and gloriously making supreme sacrifices; a new insensitive and insulting controversy by Mr Ram Kisan Yadav alias Ramdev has been brought in spotlight challenging and questioning the modern system of evidence-based medicine and making the joint efforts made by us fighting the pandemic seem naïve and futile.”

In accord to the voices of our medical fraternity nationwide, we hereby declare 1 June to be observed as Black Day Protest condemning the derogatory and disgraceful statements made by Yog guru Ramdev, the letter also said.

We will ensure that patient care is not hampered in the process, the doctors’ association also said in the letter.

Not only this, he tried to derail GoI vaccination drive as his statement added to vaccine hesitancy, the letter also said.

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